Transfer: Bayern Munich go all-in with Kane: “Tottenham must withdraw”

Andhe Bayern Munich Throw the rest to sign Harry Kane. This week a delegation from the German group even traveled to London for persuasion Tottenham chairman Daniel Levythat the time has come to sell the striker, without a doubt, the flagship of the English club.

Now it is yours Uli Hoeneß, Honorary President of Bayern Munich, the one who gave voice to Bayern Munich’s intention. The Bavarians are convinced of this They will finally be able to sign the striker.

Harry Kane has made it clear in all conversations that his decision stands, and if it stands, we will have it.

Initial sincerity

“Harry Kane has made it clear in all conversations that his decision stands, and if it stands, we will have it. Tottenham will have to withdraw,” Hoeness confirmed To a question from SPORT1.

Kane’s premier numbers for the season are 22-23

English counterattack

Tottenham are also playing their cards and working to keep Beijing. Thus, according to some English media, they are going to offer him a new contract. The agreement to be presented to the attacker will include a salary of approx 400,000 pounds per week (about 465,000 euros) next to a position in the club in the futureas soon as his sports career ended.

Levi is smart, he never gives a number. First we have to make it give a number



Uli Hoeneß also explained, in statements compiled by SPORT1, How are the talks going? with spurs. “Levi is smart, and he won’t give out a number. First we have to get him to give out a number. Of course it saves time. I think he is very professional and intelligent and I respect him a lot.”As he claimed.

now [Kane] Another chance to come to a leading club in Europe


Regarding Kane’s preferences, the honorary president of Bayern Munich said: “He wants to play internationally and, fortunately for us, Tottenham has no international activity next year. Now he has another chance to join a leading club in Europe. What we all love is that your advisors are also nice in this situation. His father and brother always kept what they agreed upon. If it continues like this, fine.”

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