Training is the secret of success in “e-commerce”

The goal of every e-commerce entrepreneur is to generate as many sales as possible. Although experts comment on the successful growth of “e-commerce” in Spain, there are many online stores that fail to achieve their goals. Perhaps it is because starting and growing an online company is not an easy task. Hence, many of these entrepreneurs have decided to practice “e-commerce” to find success. In this sense, we asked Isabel Catalan, Javier Line and Juancar Mustago, co-founders of the E-Commerce Business Club.

With many years of experience in the sector, they are dedicated to training new entrepreneurs using innovative teaching methodology (as Catalan points out: “You will not only go faster, but go further with your company”).

E-commerce club success strategies

Why do you introduce yourself to the club? What differential value does this bring?

Isabelle: We define ourselves as a club because we unite and connect digital entrepreneurs. We are a community that accompanies us every day. Undoubtedly, our differential value is that contact with other people in a similar situation and interested in similar topics empowers you in your work and makes you better.

What is the importance you give to “collective knowledge” in your project?

Juancar: …without this collective intelligence we wouldn’t be here today and not only because we are a team, partners and friends for more than 10 years…but because thanks to learning and scars, we have walked on the shoulders of giants. We’ve traveled a lot to train with the best, in fact, we just got back from Brazil… Here in Spain, we train every month. In the end, you can learn conscientiously or by experience, because we prefer both.

What is it like to deal with friends? What values ​​do you add to the project?

Javier: It is one of the biggest reasons why we created the E-commerce Business Club in 2021, seeing in the community that people with an online store started their own business… Having friends around you in this world of entrepreneurship makes you excited and you face the days with the spirit of desire In conquering the world, in an environment where values ​​are of great importance, beyond projects, bills … Our values ​​and those of our students within the club, such as commitment, camaraderie and responsibility.

– There are many offshoots that arose from the initial idea. how it was? What was the initial project and how did it lead to the rest?

Juancar: The “culprit” of everything was Issa, who has been in advertising for more than eight years, with the online marketing strategy of big brands… She has been a guide for all of us. We have changed a lot in the past 5 years…we have our own brands, a big brand agency…all added up to our ability to provide training on our passion, “e-commerce” with over 700 students… amazing!

– You have 60% men and 40% women. Why is this ratio important to you? How do you promote female entrepreneurship from EBC?

Isabelle: Since we started in the world of online stores, we have been very surprised that most of the entrepreneurs we have known in this field have always been men. At that time, we saw the importance of influencing women and making sure they had the necessary training and emotional control to feel safe creating their own business ventures.

– What are the most common problems when starting an “e-commerce”?

Javier: New problems arise every day, and even more so in the world of online stores, where it seems that laws, banks, etc. are not 100% up to date. In the case of e-commerce, you need the visibility that you have on social networks and advertising platforms: they have advertiser policies that you must strictly adhere to, because if you do not comply with them, they can ban your ad account and not be able to advertise. That is why, in our club, we know to have a stable online store in the long term and with repeat customers.

– Various studies in this sector indicate that Spain is one of the countries with the greatest growth potential in “e-commerce” for the coming years. How do you see that? Do you have any data or predictions in this regard?

Juancar: If we’re already online, why isn’t our business done yet? The pandemic was the best time to create a brand and open an online store, but without a doubt, the next best time is now, when everything is experiencing exponential growth. In any case, the most important thing is to keep abreast of the latest developments and adapt our business to current trends and trends: the market is changing and this is a great opportunity for those who adapt. I invite, without a doubt, anyone who wants to learn how to have a profitable and stable online shop and get started in this world to write to Instagramecommerce_businessclub so we can help them with whatever they need.

– What trends are you betting on and what will we see from 2023?

Isabelle: It’s all about “customer centric,” giving a “360 experience” to your ideal customer. Another trend that has been strong is UGC (User Generated Content).

Social networks demand daily video content, created by your clients or brand ambassadors, that gives brands more credibility and trust. And we’ll see a lot of “live e-commerce”, … direct selling of products from our online stores. It’s coming strong!

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