Trailer for A Strange Way of Life, Almodovar’s “Western” Movie with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal

There is little left of the short film directed by Pedro Almodóvar strange way of life-Access to Spanish screens. It will hit theaters on May 26. After passing through Official section of the Cannes Film Festival. This is the trailer:

The story begins with a man riding through the desert in search of Sheriff Jake. Twenty-five years ago They both work together Rifles for rent And now these two old friends from their youth meet again. The next morning, however, Sheriff Jake tells her that the reason for her trip is not because of a memory of their old friendship.

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In addition to Pedro Pascal and Ethan HawkeThe film stars Jason Fernandez, Jose Condesa, Jorge Steyan, Manu Rios, Pedro Casablanca, and Sarah Salamo.

“It’s western gay which tells the story of two men who love each other and whose protagonists (Pascal and Hook) act in opposite ways in the same situation”, Almodóvar revealed this 30-minute English-language film partially shot in the Tabernas desert (Almería, Spain).

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