Tourism | Do you know where the sea, river and mountains meet in Asturias?

There is seldom a day when the Sella, the river that takes its last bend in Ribadesella, does not wake up before emptying into the sea, dotted with canoes at various points along its course. There is rarely a day when you don’t see canoeists in action, be it on the coldest of days and in heavy rain.

Ribadesella is Ribadesella precisely because of this photo. It’s understandable. Kayaking was born in the 1930s as a recreational activity only. Today raises in this city one of the most important competitions on the planet that is developed in the course of the river. That is why the sportsman character will mark this place forever.

triumphant return

The descent of Sella (or Les Piragües in Asturian) takes place on the first Saturday in August and consists of a regatta between Arriondas and Ribadesella, a distance of more than 20 kilometers full of rapids, curves and level changes. So far the mathematical part. Because it’s also a real party, declare an international tourism interest, With a great folk party, live music, bars in the middle of the street and plenty of entertainment.

This year an important event occurred: it is the return of the party in style, after the hiatus caused by the pandemic in the last two editions. The event was cut short and the excitement of the festivities far removed.

Nice views

His return in the summer to this beautiful city was awaited with great anxiety and anticipation. It lies between Llanes and Caravia and has the privilege of being the point where sea, river and mountains come together. Furious Cantabrian, river canoes and steep Picos de Europa that cut the horizon.

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Particularly beautiful photo from the top of Mount Corberu, at the foot of the Ermita de la Guía, from where the town seems small. You’ll have to drop by later for a stroll at street level and check it out, however, and it’s pretty cool with its many surprises.

aristocratic walks

If time is short, you can take a walk along its beaches, right by the sea. The Observation Tower, which is accessed from the metropolitan area, and the Observation Tower, which is accessed from the urban area and the Observation Tower of Santa Marina, the soul of the city. But if not, you can take nice walks around the metropolitan area.

One of them is the Paseo de la Grúa, where we find the so-called Historic Route, a kind of open-air museum, with the drawings of the great cartoonist Antonio Mingot and the book of the local writer Tony Silva, depicting the decisive moments of the Council. This beautiful story, which opened in 2007, consists of six large blue and brown ceramic murals.

Magnificent palaces

Another amusement park is named Princess Letizia in honor of the current Queen, who spent the summers of her childhood in this town. Here comes the wonderful succession of 19th century mansions Heritage When the Bay of Biscay was a resort for the aristocracy

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Of all of us, we prefer Villa Rosario, the ultimate expression of Indian architecture: asymmetrical towers, glazed tile roofs in scales, and a facade as blue as the sea that overlooks it.

Built in 1914 by Antonio Quesada, a tobacconist who had made his fortune in Cuba, today it is not only the most elegant hotel in Ribadesella but also It houses one of the most requested restaurants at the moment: Ayalga, designed by Michelin starred Chef Marcos Granda.

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