Top 10 international cinema films 2022

Our experts select the 10 most important foreign works that premiered this year in Spain

Certainly not all of them are included in our ranking of the best foreign films released in 2022 – there will be those who, probably rightly, believe that titles like the eventAnd the Batman As for PinocchioAnd the by Guillermo del Toro They did not deserve to be neglected–; But of course they are all that. Our wish for 2023? Don’t lower the bar.

“Memory,” by Apichatpong Wirasethakul

Like the best works of its author, it overwhelms us with the elegance and precision with which it sets us to its rhythms and, after defining some plot and intellectual coordinates, immerses us in its lyric poetry and plunges us into a state of ecstasy.

Blonde by Andrew Dominick

Not Biography But fierce skepticism in our obsession with consuming the Marilyn myth and personifying the woman behind it. It is also a beautiful work, grotesque, tender, sadistic, intimate and monumental, and a generator of constant debates.

Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski

A fast-paced collection of mid-air stunts, an ode to Hollywood dying, and a Tom Cruise homage to himself, it’s a movie utterly incapable of disappointing, delivering exactly what’s expected of it, every time.

Baz Luhrmann’s most lush, grandiose, demeanor-insane filmography uses shifting imagery, fast-paced montages and songs at maximum volume to transform King’s Life into pure pop legends.

“No!” Written by Jordan Peele

while hybrid Shark With Meetings in the third stage The mixture is seasoned with icons westernPeele’s most ambitious film replicates his knack for questioning the rules of horror cinema while making the most of them.

“Armageddon Time” by James Gray

Gray’s look at prepubescent eschews sentimental excesses, cross-dressing, and the temptation to turn his present into a mere metaphor for us. She doesn’t overreact because she’s honest, hence her massive power of motion.

“After the Sun” by Charlotte Wells

A story of a lively apprenticeship and an emotionally shattered portrait of a parent-child relationship that’s more damaged than it looks, it’s the kind of movie that lingers, one that persistently questions your memories.

Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson

A portrait of the deeply complex relationship between a teenager and a slightly older but equally bewildering woman, it is Anderson’s most luminous, relaxed, and tender film, and the culmination of his artistic maturation process.

“Driving My Car” by De Ryosuke Hamaguchi

The Oscar for Best International Film not only stunned critics, but audiences as well, and while the latter may contradict commercial logic – it’s a hardcore auteur, 3 hours long and spoken in Japanese – it makes perfect sense in the world.

The protagonist is a theater director who, still in hidden pain after the death of his wife, faces a film production. Uncle Vanya Where all the characters express themselves using different languages, including sign language; And as they progress along, they raise issues already addressed in earlier Hamaguchi cinema, such as the role that mimicry plays in our lives, the healing power of recognition, and our usual inability to communicate genuinely; And it does so through a series of engaging dialogue exchanges that bear witness to it being a work as sensitive as it is emphatic, as intimate as it is downright formidable.

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The list of the best Spanish films of the year has been made with the voices of Kim Casas, Desiree de Fez, Juan Manuel Freire, Julian García, Beatriz Martinez, Nando Salva and Rafael Tapone.

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