Top 10 international albums of 2022 resounding

Although we are talking, somewhat lightly, about the end of the pandemic, the music of 2022 has remained a clear response to the global shock of recent years. Whether from a celebration of returning to the dance floor, a rediscovery of peace, or a poetic analysis of what we were and what remains of us, artists manage to crystallize complex emotions into resounding registers. Below, ten far-reaching acts.

“Dear Scott” by Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band

Four decades after founding The Pale Fountains (and three and a half decades after starting The Shack), the great Michael Head is still dreaming of the perfect pop. Here he makes his imagination come true on a few occasions, as well as embarking on fruitful adventures.

“Warm New Dragon Mountain I Believe in You,” by Big Thief

It’s been a year of double albums and, moreover, great albums: in addition to Lamar or Beach House, Big Thief has achieved it with this flexing of its many sonic facets. More folk and pastoral rock, or unexpectedly indie or electronic rock, they just amaze.

“I Love You Jennifer B”, by Jockstrap

The music of this budding British duo is undeniably wild and cerebral pop: a laboratory of deft melodic parts, synthetic noise and beats club. Best song rolls of the year I love you Jennifer B.

“Big Time” by Angel Olsen

after the storm All mirrors (2019), Tranquility Arrives: a somewhat serene stroll through an American landscape resonated, above all, by the sounds and messages of falling in love; Also mourning for the mother. pure emotions.

The real worldDominic A.

Moving away from guitars and betting on subtle and spacious arrangements, the chansonniere Rock represents another sensitive display of power. With some of the best melodies heard both on and off the hexat.

“One’s Toys Melody,” by Beach House

Overly and intentionally eclectic, Beach House’s latest album (revealed as a collection of “epés”) testifies that no, there isn’t one genre with them. The eighteen songs agree on one thing, yes: they cause the best giddiness. Superstar above all.

“And In the Darkness, Glowing Hearts,” by Wise Blood

Maybe the songs are not as perfect as in Front row seat on the floor (2016), or the sound is overwhelming as in Titanic Rising (2019), but the world needs Meringue’s soothing voice and his quiet meditations on the chaos of our time.

‘Mr. The Morale and the Great Preacher, by Kendrick Lamar

After five years of strength Curse. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s savior, but he saved his rap album reputation for another year.

“Renaissance” Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s romance with dance music didn’t start yesterday, but nonetheless Extended mix From Get me physical In 2006. But Renaissance It’s his extended display of emotional expression for the track, an exercise in reactionary hedonism in which he sets aside poems to tie sausage After, after sausage Without stopping, without ever missing a shot. Few songs sum up the musical 2022 as well Alien Superstar: Cut, straight from the title, both popular and unusual, the meeting point of a well-known R&B tradition and the future represented by not-so-famous black producer Honey Dijon.

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The list of the best world albums of the year is made with the voices of Jordi Bianciotto, Ignasi Fortuny, Juan Manuel Freire, Julian García and Rafael Taponet.

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