Tom Holland and Zendaya Plan to Celebrate New Year 2022

Tom Holland and Zendaya Plan to Celebrate New Year 2022

Relatives Reveal Zendaya And Tom Holland’s Special Plans To Celebrate New Year 2022

Celebrity Couple Tom Holland And Zendaya Turns Out To Have Special Plans To Spend Their New Year’s Time Together. Closest Relatives Also Leaks If Tom Wants To Take Zendaya To Meet Her Parents.

The Hollywood celebrity couple and co-stars in the popular Marvel film “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, namely Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland, often attract public attention. This time, the two are back in the spotlight because Zendaya and Tom Holland reportedly have special plans for the new year 2022.

This was successfully leaked by one of the closest relatives of the two. To Hollywood Life, the couple’s relatives said Tom and Zendaya would only celebrate their New Year’s moment simply.

The couple will spend most of their time at home with their two beloved dogs. Which, Zendaya and Tom also carried out on Christmas 2021.

This is because both Zendaya and Tom are very concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic. So, they decided not to do much outside the home.

“On Christmas Day, Zendaya and Tom stayed calm in the house,” said a source close to them. “They’re at home with their dog most of the day. They’re going to do the same for New Years because they’re both very serious about the pandemic and totally fine with just being with each other.”

In fact, the couple had actually planned to meet Tom’s parents. However, Zendaya and Tom will postpone the meeting until the Covid-19 pandemic has completely subsided.

“They do have plans to go and visit Tom’s parents in the near future, but not until things subside with Covid,” the source said.

The source explained that both Zendaya and Tom were enjoying their time together at home. The presence of their two beloved dogs also makes Tom and Zendaya feel as if they have a family.

“Most importantly, they like to spend time at home with their dogs. Their dogs get along well,” concluded relatives of Tom and Zendaya. “It seems they already feel like they have a family without waiting to have children of their own.”

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