“Today nothing unites more than Mandilbar”

toYesterday we found out GPT artificial intelligence chatacronyms that seem to be with us forever and ever, even though we don’t really know what they are and how they work, think of places like TeruelCradle of the Spanish Mudéjar or Valenciana European reference of Romanesque art, as the ugliest of their communities in a list that also includes other towns and cities such as Hospitalet, Badajoz, Sagunto or Algeciras, Also leaders in this rating of questionable taste.

I don’t know how the algorithm works, but the engineers who program it are clearly not well traveled yet.

I mention this while remembering that yesterday on I read a few words from Monchi, Sporting Director of Sevilla, They came to say that since everyone already knew his method, he had to invent a different way to try to stay at the forefront of transfers and club management, and it made sense to choose a coach.

After this season’s premiere, it seems clear that a virus has entered his tablet. Lopetegui, Sampaoli Finally mandelbar that he had arrived, as he admitted yesterday in a sympathetic and metaphorical manner, because he had won a lottery at Tombola. It is not related to computer engineering.

Currently a seasoned technician zaldibar She has received equal parts of the affection of the people and the coldness of a club that seems beleaguered by early decisions never thought through the scenario they now have to live in. This afternoon there ol’s Seville After prolonging the statistical anomaly that these seven trophies represent in a showcase that was about to close due to relegation.

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At the moment there is nothing that unites football more than personality mandelbar. We all sympathize and sympathize with him. Rescued from oblivion and turned into unforgettable. The only good thing he would have if he didn’t continue is that he could be a great coach, although I don’t know if he Rubial It makes those decisions with algorithms that deny it He speaks.

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