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When they ask you how are you, oftentimes you say “I’m fine”, Everyone knows what you’re saying: nothing. But “Okay” is a short and especially useful word for deflecting an unattainable, possibly impossible question. To say how you really are would take hours, And finally, at the end of the answer, the conclusion is that you will be right and wrong at the same time. And this is difficult to understand. Our relationship with contrasts is not entirely peaceful.. We often feel guilty, useless, or conned for being on opposite poles at the same time. But perhaps the only truth we can tell about our country is whether we are right or wrong.

I thought about it when reading the first interview that Salman Rushdie gave, after he was stabbed 12 six months ago. At some point during the meeting, David Remnick, director of the journal “The New Yorker”He asks her how is she feeling. “Well, you know, I was better. But, given what happened, I’m not so bad,” replied Rushdie, who as a direct result of the attack, Loss of vision in one eye, some movement in the facial muscles, and some feeling in one handIn addition to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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There is an inner force that drives you to sum up your condition as “good,” and stop there, so that you don’t have to delve into the details that will inevitably lead from good to bad. At another point in the interview, Rushdie explains that although he has no sensitivity in his fingertips, he can write; It just slows him down, which makes you think things are getting better. But the author actually refers to the act of writing. When you sit down to write “nothing happens”. He writes, but the result is “a mixture of emptiness and rubbish” that I “delete the next day.”

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When you ask someone how they are, deep down You just ask him to tell you he’s fine and forget about the detailswhich will only serve to remind you that you, and you too, are actually a killer at the same time.

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