tiktok | Viral stunt for an “all inclusive” summer for free

the tiktoker Anita Escribano (@annaesg) has it diffuse Through TikTok thanks to a video where he explains how a summer free While living in a Four star hotel All included.

he trick From Anita to live in a four-star hotel in Mallorca He is Work as a children’s entertainer. The young woman explains the benefits of her 35-hour work day 1200 euros monthly. In addition to the possibility Eat at the all you can eat buffet from the hotel every day. And somehow free.

annnesg also don’t ask to try #mallorca #hotel #fyp #parati #verano they are original – speed up 😽

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The young woman explains comfort From this work: “It is very easy and interesting.” Moreover, he adds that No experience needed Something most young people look for when applying for a job. Anna says she can enjoy up to Two days off a week and one Double room With a terrace and a private bathroom. Each expertise thanks new friendships and new plans that this opportunity provides, according to Anna.

However, the Users commented the luck Which the young woman got when she found this job. Many claim that These conditions are not the usual, because many faced a completely different reality. “The worst experience of my life,” summed up one user in Anna’s post.

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