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Strawberry It is one of the most favorite and most appetizing fruits in the summer. Above all, it is now the middle of May, which is already its season and nobody makes it The most popular fruit at the moment. It is ideal to eat it not just in this way, but in different ways, such as smoothies or even cakes.

Despite really enjoying their sweet taste, he is It is very important to know how to keep it Lest it fall into disrepair and we don’t eat it. Although fruit lovers keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh, this may not be enough if we want it to last for at least two weeks.

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As most of you know, there are many videos of ideas found about Tiktok to preserve this kind of food. But Maria, also known as tiktoker @employeeHe has the solution for that Strawberries last as long as possible and do not lose their flavour.

To do this, simply use Glass jar and tea towels. The first step that Tiktoker explains in her video is to wash the strawberries, so we make sure they are clean and fresh. After this we use kitchen towel We dry them with the aim of removing all the moisture that may have remained.

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Then puts them in a file glass jar To maintain, also including some smears or pieces absorbent paper. The point of doing this step is to dry out the strawberries as much as possible, as moisture can speed up strawberry reproduction Microorganisms And spoil the strawberries.

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This trick went viral on the platform, with the video getting nearly 900 likes and many comments in which users are satisfied with the tiktoker solution.

Livingplanetfriendly The longest I’ve kept a jar in the fridge like this before it started to go bad is over three weeks! 🍓 Storing them this way helps reduce food waste and save money. #eco #eco #food #food waste #sustainable #sustainability #reduce food waste #storage produce #strawberries #storage strawberries #fruits #strawberries #mason jar #life hack #save money

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