TikTok Now offers commissions for bringing in new users, in an effort to adapt to the progress of BeReal| technology

Given the unstoppable progress of BeReal, the social network trying to escape the attitudes and corsets of other platforms, TikTok has launched an aggressive strategy, for now in Spain, to financially reward users who bring their friends to the new TikTok Now app. Although the app was launched in September, it wasn’t until now when the company decided to award commissions of seven euros for each new user who brings another to the platform.

The new user must enter the code provided by another person and create an account on the platform in order for the code owner to receive 2 euros. If, in addition, he logs in for seven days, the owner of the code will receive an additional five euros. In turn, the person who has just arrived can create their own code, send it to their acquaintances, and collect another seven euros for each person who joins and logs in within the allotted time. TikTok Now is already ranked as the most downloaded app, on both Android and iOS, after neatly overtaking BeReal, which has been at the top of the download rankings for months.

Codes must be entered within 24 hours of opening the app; If not, the code holder will not receive the reward. To get the commissions, the user must request their withdrawal, although they can only do this once a day; In addition, you must provide your bank account or e-wallet, which means that only users over 18 years old can participate.

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The economic rewards strategy has surprised users. Some had to explain on other social networks that it was not a hoax, For fear of others It was actually a Ponzi scheme.

TikTok Now is a standalone app from traditional TikTok and works similarly to BeReal: in order to see what other users have captured with their front and back cameras, they must first upload their own footage. In addition to photos, you can choose 10-second videos, and a content-add notification comes randomly once a day, just like on BeReal.

Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with TikTok Now since its launch in September, claiming that it is a clone of BeReal and claiming that the original TikTok app is better. Among the comments on the download platforms, some are asking users not to install it. However, the BeReal simulator is already the most downloaded mobile application in Spain at the moment.

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