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Social networks are the engine of communication in our society and are capable of spreading any of them moment, person or anecdote. In a matter of seconds, networks like TikTok or Instagram have the ability to turn a photo or video into a post that garners millions of likes and views. This is what happened with an accessory in our car that not many people use: Sun visor for your car.

This element is located in the upper positions of front glass On the part of the pilot and co-pilot and on the sides of the windows. It is designed to provide shade and sunlight block And most importantly, it allows you to improve visibility and comfort for those in the car.

What hides your umbrella?

Although it may sound silly, there are some seemingly simple procedures that some people just don’t know how to do. This is the case for uses for car sunscreens. a job Raise and lower the sunshade This is clear to most people, but there are those who did not know it It can be used to block sunlight when it hits from the side. In addition, it can also be removed from the left side by loosening the clip and pulling towards the side window.

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Also, it’s important to keep in mind that there are parachutes already in there Side stand You can move it To the left and right, depending on where the sun’s rays enter. Although if you want to return it to its initial position, simply close it and fold it back into its own buckle.

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Another factor that you may not take into account is that some umbrellas also have them Integrated mirrors positioned on the inner surface. These glasses allow drivers and their colleagues to see more clearly what is happening behind the vehicle without having to turn their heads and torsos.

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