TikTok can be paid for in the future: keys to what its new model will be

It was social networks The main digital attraction of minors in 2022, both globally and in Spain, where They spend 56 minutes per day on average in them TikTok is my favourite. The star social network was TikTok, whose usage time rose worldwide, rising from 91 minutes to 107 minutes on average per day. Spain grew by 20% Last year, fleeting From 80 minutes to 96 minutes in 2022.

However, the success of this youth platform is not only at the national level, it is being established in many countries The most used social network by users. At first it was very popular among the younger ones, but it has crossed those boundaries and Wins over all age groups. After this pull, it’s not surprising that TikTok has considered implementing a A new system that includes payment channels, As already happened in other applications.

New payment model

as you commented ‘the information’, The platform will consider the possibility of developing a file paywall Where content creators will be able to Collect money from your followers Watch some of his videos. This way, it will be closer to the model OnlyFans uses: push a monthly fee It allows you to consume content from specific users.

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In addition, it will be applied that both content creators and regular users who post videos that get millions of views within a few hours, will get Extra money in case they decide to charge to his followers an offer of these contents.

The same media outlet has shared what this novelty can do The show starts in the next few weeks on different TikTok profiles. Although, for now, it will not be available in all countries, where it will be manufactured on trial To test the acceptance of this paywall among users of the popular social network.

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