Ticket Manager | Ana Valdovinos, Director of Ticketmaster Spain: “We will not set the price of the tickets, but the promoters and the artists, to be clear”

Has the physical sale of tickets disappeared?There is no other way to buy tickets if you are not online, online or on your mobile phone. Physical purchase is a very small percentage, about 5 percent.From physical queues, on the street, outdoors, we have moved to virtual queues, where confusion and confusion sometimes reign. We try to do a lot of teaching so that people know how this virtual queue works. When you go shopping and see that you have 70,000 people in front of you, it does not mean that you have 70,000 in front of you, but that there are 70,000 open sessions. If someone calls 10 times, it will be counted as 10 people. We always insist that each person open one session, do not refresh, do not saturate the number of people in front of them, in this way the queue will advance. The sales process must be organized in an orderly manner, it must be well organized, and only then will chaos be avoided, because no platform allows access to 10,000 people at a time. Our sale is clean and transparent, you see the people in front of you. How do they work against speculation and fraud, two of the most common evils? Fighting speculation and fraud is one of our priorities at Ticketmaster because we want tickets to reach the real fans who want to get to see their favorite artist. We don’t want these tickets to end up in a secondary market where there is speculation and there is fraud and in the end the money does not go to the artists or the fans. We have several measures to avoid this that we make available to promoters and artists, from pre-registration, so that they can be accessed in an organized way, to nominal tickets or dynamic pricing. We are now launching the Fan to Fan platform, with which fans will be able to buy tickets from each other in a secure and transparent way and then resell them again on Ticketmaster.es at a fair and reasonable price. With this function, we are taking a big step forward in our fight against exorbitant prices and fake tickets. This is the future.Are bots, those programs that buy tickets before everyone else, Public Enemy No. 1? We invest many millions in worldwide technology against bots, to prevent these machines from attacking our pages and taking many tickets that are later resold. Bots are an evil that learns very quickly. Take advantage of the fact that politicians these days seem to be interested in everything. What does he ask of them? A few years ago, we were working closely with the Ministry of Culture specifically calling for a law that would limit speculative resale. Our priority is to try and prevent resale platforms that have lots of money and always appear well in Google from appearing in the first place because they are more than informative, they mislead the fan. We would like to sit down with the ministry again and resume those talks. Why are concert tickets so expensive? Let’s be clear that we at Ticketmaster do not set the price of tickets, which is set by the promoters and the artists. For two years, the artists have been without touring, due to the pandemic, and their only source of income now is live, and records are no longer sold. In addition, a concert, being organized, has very high production costs. Behind the stage a lot of people work. The trend is that prices, instead of falling in the short or medium term, will end up settling within what is supply and demand.What about administrative fees? They are not set by Ticketmaster either, but by the promoter. It is usually a percentage of the ticket price. All ticket offices operate the same ratio in Spain, and the only group that the ticketing companies get, which is also shared with the promoters and the venue, is dedicated, in the case of Ticketmaster, to keep investing in technology to be able to develop new experiences for the fan, so that they can buy tickets on Web with complete transparency, security, ease and above all without problems. In other words, we are reinvesting user thinking. He was at the Independent Music Awards, where he presented an award. What impressions did the concert at Palma Hall leave you with? They are awards that have been held for fifteen years and this year we must congratulate them because, after the years of the pandemic, they have surpassed themselves. MIN is already a benchmark in the sector. The party seemed well organized and people were very excited.From MIN to MIM, Association for Women in the Music Industry. What do you claim from your ranks?All women in this association, which is also open to men, are working to raise awareness in a sector that has always been very masculine. Each time we have to give a bigger voice to all of us who are a part of this. We claim our existence, our clarity of vision, and that we see that we too are part of this world. We are not a small group, on the contrary, we are many.You hold an important management position. Are there more and more women with power in the music business?Yes, in Spain the three ticket companies that have been consolidated for years have three women as CEOs. We still have a long way to go, but it’s also fair to say that something is progressing.How tall is Ticketmaster so far in 2023? The first quarter was very positive and wonderful, as was 2022, a year full of concerts with very important releases. 2023 will hold all of the concerts we put up for sale last year as well as the other new ones that came out. Next week we have two Elton John concerts, which have been rescheduled by the pandemic; And four from Coldplay in Barcelona, ​​which we will attract to 200,000 people.

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