Three women will lead the Venezuelan opposition’s National Assembly

Three Venezuelan exiles will lead the parallel opposition National Assembly. The election of the new parliamentary directive, whose term will last only this year 2023, took place amid complete secrecy and confusion for the majority of Venezuelans who have not yet grasped the controversial dissolution of the provisional government. Four years of jobs. Dinorah Figuera, surgeon and national leader of the Primero Justicia (PJ) party, a refugee in Valencia, Spain, replaces Juan Guaido, whose presidency of the interim government was abolished by G-3 on Dec. 30 after four years in duties. The G-3 troika, made up of the majority of seats (66%) of Primero Justicia (PJ), Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) and Acción Democrática (AD), abolished the provisional government on December 30 and now takes charge of the opposition parliamentary leadership.

Marianela Fernandez, from the National Confederation of Labor, residing in the United States, was appointed as the first vice-president, and as the second vice-president, the union leader Orestela Vasquez, from AD, exiled in Colombia.

It is the first time in its republican history that Venezuelans live with a parliament run by women from abroad. Apparently AD’s men, whose turn it was Presiding over the new board of directorsThey did not want to take over the mandate for fear of divorce arising from their decision to dissolve the interim, so they preferred to appoint women as if by doing so they would reduce their responsibility. The men of the AKP and the National Union of Workers also delegated the responsibility of channeling the broken AN to the women of their parties. The strange thing about this situation is that the women stand up for their fellow party members.

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active assembly

The five-year term of the Chavista Sharia law expired in 2021. However, his operation is still active due to ignorance of the Chavista legislative power. Parallelism is recognized opposing AN for about 50 countriesIncluding the United States and the European Union. Representative Jose Trujillo, A.D., chair of the Unitary Platform’s Parliamentary faction, nominated the three women to chair the AN Board of Directors.

Sonia Medina, who represents the parliamentary faction of the Popular Volunteer Party, which was founded by Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Guaido, saved her voice while questioning the appointment of Orestela Vazquez as second vice president, indicating that she is a replacement for Vice President Jorge Millan. who said he did not resign for his parliamentary position. The session started an hour and a half later than 10:00 am, via video conference from an unknown location. A platform with the national emblem and several Venezuelan flags was shown on the digital screen.

It is the first time in its republican history that Venezuelans live with a parliament run by women from abroad

Guaido presided over the installation of AN. In his speech as outgoing president, he asked the UAP parties to “return to the rules of the game” enshrined in the Venezuelan constitution and to unite the population around it. in the primaries From where an opposition presidential candidate will come out this year and who will face Chavismo next year.

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