Three prostitutes were hacked to death on the same day in a central neighborhood of Rome

Three prostitutes were hacked to death Thursday morning, in the Prati district of central Romania. The victims are two Chinese nationals and a Colombian transgender woman, Marta Castano, 65. According to the first police reconstructions, the three were practicing prostitution in the homes where the murders took place. The two Chinese ladies lived in the same apartment. One was found indoors and the other, 45, was found naked on the home landing. This circumstance suggested to investigators that he was trying to escape from the killer. Shortly after the discovery of the double murder, the police were alerted to another crime 800 meters away. The fact that the three women were stabbed in neighboring houses, located in streets very close to the headquarters of the Rome courts, makes police investigators believe that the fatal hand is the same in all three cases. Various Italian media echoed a certain alarm, fearing a serial killer. Standard Related News No The ominous true story behind Unterweger, the serial killer played by John Malkovich in Madrid. Israel VIana. He killed a prostitute in 1974 and was sentenced to life in prison, but was released due to pressure from Austrian intellectuals, who considered him a good penitential writer…and ended up killing ten more women. The surprise is great in Rome, because Prati is a quiet residential neighborhood. This is how some residents who live near the apartments where the victims were found put it: «This is a quiet area, a few meters from the Court of Justice in Rome; What happened is really disturbing. Everyone knew that there was a brothel. The area is full of video cameras, and for sure they will find the killer, ”some of the neighbors agree. About the Colombian citizen, Marta Castaño, a neighbor she remembers like this: “She was very quiet, I saw her when I went shopping.” In addition to the video camera recordings, the police are also checking the phone records of the victims The three to reconstruct the contacts they had with the “customers” in the hours before the crime.

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