Thousands of anti-moms are screened for a job at the post office on Mother’s Day

Next Sunday, May 7, entry tests will be held in Correos to cover 7,757 permanent positions in operational categories throughout Spain to carry out delivery tasks, logistics tasks and customer service in offices.

More than 84,000 people have been accepted for the tests, which will take place simultaneously in 44 sites located in towns in 28 provinces and in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

The competitor’s profile is a 43-year-old woman who is a mother with a greater than average score (52%). In addition, they have a lower level of education, with 43% having college studies compared to 63% of the average profile, according to a study by OpositaTest.

They have more work experience and lower personal and domestic income. More than half of them count only this opposition, and there are even fewer multiple opponents. They have fewer people from the environment who oppose and seek stability to a greater extent, 92% compared to 84% on average. Seven out of ten who have dealt with the opposition for less than a year and a half have not encountered the opposition before.

Regarding these objections to Correos, we should add that close to 3000 employees and employees throughout the day to ensure the correct development of the selection process. Exam places are allocated according to the preference indicated by the applicants at the time of registration.

Candidates can consult individually at, In the People and Talents / General Calls / Fixed Personal Employment Income section: Joint Call 2022, Massive Practical Platform, Exam Site, Classroom, Space and/or Designated Center, as well as relevant information for the exam day.

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to hold positions Representation and Agent/Rating, call to audition will be at 08:45am.; At 09:30 the entrances to the colleges and examination sites will be closed and at 10:00 the examination will begin. And to get Office customer service positions The call for testing will take place at 1:15 p.m.; Access to testing sites will close at 2:00 PM, and testing will begin at 2:30 PM (one hour earlier in the Canary Islands, in all phases, for both tests).

Candidates must appear for the test with Blue or black pen And a document proving your identity, being a valid DNI, NIE, NIUE, passport, driver’s license or Correos ID card.

during the tests, Any kind of technological device (cell phones, watches, activity wristbands, helmets or similar) may be visible or sound activated.

the exams , on the basis of qualification, They will handle matters related to Correos products, services and business operations. The selection process will be completed with a later stage of benefits in which experience, driving licenses (if any), languages ​​and training necessary for the proper performance of the job will be assessed.

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