This week’s movie review: The Fabelmans, Pure Gold, The Communion Girl, and Joyland

Spielberg conjures and creates and forgets and builds and destroys

More than one movie about Steven Spielberg’s training in cinema at a very young age, Fablemans It is an evocation of the director’s childhood and adolescence and, above all, the relationships between his parents and the influence his mother had on him. Portrayed by Michelle Williams and Paul Dano, the parents of a director Sharks They are the focus of the story. They are dealt with, despite their disagreements, disagreements, and drama, in a very endearing mannerHow could it be otherwise in the case of Spielberg.

The magic that cinema too early on the young protagonist exerted – the film begins with the premiere of the film The greatest show in the worlda lavish film directed by Cecil BD Mill About the circus world that the child contemplates in amazement – as well as his first home shooting, war and Western films in Super 8 and 16 mm that he made in his youth, is something like a central story decoration.

The characters are real, but Spielberg takes license. It’s still a fictional story” based on true events.” Spielberg recalls, conjures, models, invents, forgets, builds and destroys. We’ll never know if that’s true about his interview with John Ford — played by none other than David Lynch — or what Whether the anti-Semitism he suffered at Calif. was so strong, or whether he had an affair with a very religious young woman. It details and glimpses of an existence not quite eden—his parents divorced—but not bitter either, recreated with a certain tenderness when someone arrives— Spielberg is 76 years old – to the autumn of his life. Kim Casas

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Title: Steven Spielberg

Performers: Michelle Williams, Pau Dano, Gabrielle Labelle

the first show: February 10, 2023

& starf; & starf; & starf;

Between fact and myth

It’s hard to tell how much truth is in Biographical book published by German rapper Xatar in 2015 But if anything, this biopic based on it works more like a choreographed hip-hop opera less concerned with fact than legend. Director Fatih Akin traces the life of a musician from his birth in a bat-infested cave in an Iranian village to his triumph in the recording industry, while recreating his father’s abandonment, street dealings, violence, contacts with the Kurdish mafia in the Netherlands, and his life. His bizarre heist of kilos of dental gold, his months spent being tortured in a Syrian prison and his unlikely recording of an album from a cell under cover.

In the process, while combining the ingredients of heist movies, drama series, and redemption stories—and giving the whole thing touches of comedy—, pure gold Its dramatic effectiveness is determined by the amazing ability of plot twists. Akin, for his part, only so competently tells Xatar’s story; here, His work shows a distinct lack of creativity And the lack of interest in keeping dialogues and positions away from clichés. Given the poor reception it suffered, it is undoubtedly his most dangerous film. St. Pauli monster (2019), it stands to reason that he has now sought to rehabilitate himself with a work that is undoubtedly as entertaining as it is conventional. – Nando’s advance

Horror, groceries and drugs in Tarragona

Here’s a movie that isn’t content with resorting to folk mythology to mechanically reproduce it. sacrament girl He invents his own legends And it does so through a series of coordinates that serve to enrich it and distance it from contemporary horror fast food. It uses a few elements, but in a very subtle and solid way: the town’s teens during the 1980s, an old dollhouse, Catholic sacred rites, and a curse. Victor Garciawho forged in thousands of battles within the North American B series, signs his first film in Spanish with the support of Alberto Marini and Guillem eatin charge of the script, and does it with aplomb and elegance, departing from the typical paths of the genre and The bet is on the tense and rarefied atmosphere, as well as on the composition of the characters and the relationships established between them through costumbrismo.

in this sense, This is a fairly classic horror movie, which uses both original and J-horror references (Shade the ring It’s long), but it acquires its own entity that, in fact, could be the seed for starting an epic. But, in addition to making up a massive apocalyptic world, he’s also right when it comes to recruiting a handful of young artists (led by Carla Campra and Aina Quinones) which gives an extraordinary symmetry to all the teenage plot we find Baklava, drugs and the need for freedom In an oppressive environment without ever being judged, and where there is also talk of Spain about the disadvantaged in rural areas and how social differences determine the lack of privileges in a closed society. Beatriz Martinez

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“company girl”

Title: Victor Garcia

Performers: Carla Campra, Aina Quinones, Marc Soler, Carlos Oviedo, Maria Molins, Ana Alarcón

the first show: February 10, 2023

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Portrait of pent-up desire in Pakistan

The debut of Pakistani Saim Sadiq offers a feature A bitter and sad meditation on love, sex, and sexuality In a society that tries in fits and starts to break away from obscurantism, and does so by reflecting on a family burdened with tradition and caught in a web of secrets, lies, pressures, and prejudices; At its center, precisely, is a young man noted for his supposed lack of masculinity who falls in love with a transgender artist for whom he begins working as a backup dancer.

The relationship that develops between the two is so full of humor and tenderness, and illustrates so well the clash between people’s reality and the illusions of religion and patriarchy that the film loses a bit of momentum every time it opens up to attention. to other characters.

At all times, however, Sadiq is particularly adept at giving the viewer the necessary laziness and time for identities and Repressed desires emerge at their natural rateso that interactions, objects and dialogues reveal their importance, so that the story balances comedy and tragedy and at the same time accumulates strength to move without having to resort to traditional melodramatic tactics, and instead is based on deep sympathy for the concerns that afflict its protagonists. Nando Salva


Title: honest fasting

Performers: Ali Junigo, Rusty Farooq, Alina Khan, Sarwat Al-Gillani

the first show: February 10, 2023

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