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Emotional and social cleavage

less delusional than Petrov feverthe Russian director’s previous film against the current Kirill Serebrennikov, but with the same intensity as the film, Tchaikovsky’s wife Focuses on the character of Antonina Miliukova, a young woman from a fairly wealthy position who has secretly fallen in love with the famous composer.wrote several letters to him, proposed to him and agreed to marry him despite the fact that his author Swan Lake He told her that he would never fall in love with anyone and that he only wanted a kind of brotherly love, never sentimental.

The figure of Tchaikovsky’s wife and later widow is ideal for a director LetoAnd A filmmaker interested in dissent – the same politically and culturally in Russia today – and in personal attitudes conditioned by repressive frameworks of various kinds. in Leto It was the fierce communism in the former Soviet Union that banned, among other things, Anglo-Saxon rock music. In this case, it is Russian society in the late nineteenth century and the role of women in that society that completely restricted their freedoms and desires. The composer is merely a vehicle in the film for the image of a geeky woman who may be obsessed with an unattainable ideal, but is in control of her actions.And their decisions, mistakes and successes. Serebrennikov portrays her fairly despite the fact that no one, not even her husband, understands any of her actions. – Kim Casas

Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Diane Keaton, and William H. Macy They are among the cast of Michael Jacobs’ directorial debut film. The film is based on a play he wrote himself in 1978, which illustrates its origin through the solidity of its dialogues, its gentle solemn commitment, and its slow pace.

on paper, I want … or not It’s a romantic comedy, but the humor it contains is as understated as it is ineffective. It stars a mature married couple who are unfaithful to each other, and whose deception is exposed when the daughter of one spouse and the son of the other decide they are getting married. Having taken an inordinate amount of time to establish this premise, and gather the six heroes in the same place, he delivers the movie An endless stream of conversations about love, commitment, parental responsibilities, infidelity, guilt, forgiveness, and the passage of time; Each character appears intent on having the same conversation with each of the other characters. And maybe the result would be less boring if they weren’t all together Papier-mâché replicas of real peopleif their homes look like real homes rather than homes for sale decorated by a real estate agent, or if they have something interesting or insightful, or remotely funny, to say to each other. – Nando’s advance

“I want … or not”

exit: Michael Jacobs

Performers: Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Diane Keaton, and William H. Macy

the first show: April 21, 2023

& starf;

The fifth installment of the dazzling saga has begun Infernal possession (1981) contains many nods and references to Sam Raimi’s original trilogy, but it’s not just an exercise in recycling. For starters, he doesn’t bother playing the virtuoso clowning That truffle those movies – in particular Dead scary (1987) and dark army (1992) -, and both its intensity and its intense “gore” moments bring it closer to fantastic remake Which was directed by Fede Alvarez in 2013.

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If so far the epic’s natural habitat has been a cabin in the woods, here’s the way out Lee Cronin Trying to keep it stuffy Moving the business to a dilapidated apartment building; Likewise, if many of the previous films created tension by turning the protagonist’s friends into evil creatures, this one builds its premise on Perversion of maternal love: A mother turns on her children and tries to kill them in the worst possible way using any tool at her disposal. cheese grater, for example.

In truth, the characters and their family conflicts are explored rather vaguely, and that takes away from the inevitable bloodbath some of the dramatic force Cronin is undoubtedly looking for. In any case, the film delivers generous doses of what its natural audience would no doubt expect from it: a A succession of terror and brutality sequences Executed very well, sometimes with concessions to humor – just like that Shut up about a severed eyeball that lands in the character’s mouth, and so adept at dealing with the visceral pain that seeing children in danger generates. – Nando’s advance

Infernal Possession: The Awakening

Title Lee Cronin

Interpreters Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, Morgan Davis, Neil Fisher

the first show April 21, 2023

& starf; & starf; & starf; & starf;

ghost It will be like re-reading Night and day (2010) where, for a change, the secret agent is a woman and the role of the damsel in distress falls to the man. It tells the story of a naive and sentimental man who decides to go to great lengths to reconnect with a woman he’s had a one-night stand with and with whom he as a result finds himself sucked into a mission to prevent an extremely dangerous weapon from ending. in the hands of some scoundrel with strange accents; In this process, love must triumph.

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in general, ghost It’s trying to act as a more moderately adventurous version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, helped by the presence in its shots of both the actor who’s played Captain America through ten movies as well as back-to-back cameos by the interpreters of that saga. However, the wrong way out is being relied upon to this end. Dexter Fletcher has no previous experience in action movies And here he had no talent to give the story the kind of rhythm that the genre required or to depict colorful and understandable choreography. And when it comes to the romantic side of the equation, the movie spends a lot of time letting several characters talk about the supposed sexual tension the leads share with them, and offering very little actual evidence that it exists. – Nando’s advance


exit: Dexter Fletcher

Performers: Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Mike Moe

the first show: April 21, 2023 (AppleTV+)

& starf; & starf;

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