This week’s movie review: “Ant-Man,” “Triangle of Sorrow,” “Venus,” “They Speak”…

If the first two installments of the trilogy ant Man They were a rare example of humility, discretion, and willful smallness in the behemoth world of superhero cinema. The third completely abandons this exclusivity On the contrary, to establish itself as one of the most egregious examples of the formula exploited exhaustively by the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In fact, it’s a movie that’s more interested in serving as a cog in that endless saga than it is in providing entertainment.

It takes place almost entirely within the quantum realm, A visually boring world full of idle digital landscapes Apparently inspired by screensavers from 30 years ago. There, Ant-Man and his allies must deal with an omnipresent tyrant who tends to spout generic gibberish as he stands to replace Thanos as the official MCU villain. What is certain, however, is that both the titular protagonist and the rest of the characters are nullified by the computer-generated imagery that surrounds them, the routine declarations of love and loneliness they are forced to utter, and the action sequences that replace the protagonist’s constant changes in size and fights. Manual – previously distinguishing features of ant Man– By type A sight as amazing as it is incomprehensible which damaged the reputation of the genre. Nando Salva

Ant-Man and the Wasp

exit: Peyton Reed

Performers: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer

the first show: February 17, 2023

& starf; & starf;

The world is drowning in a pipe

After mocking manhood force majeure Exposing the art world’s Squarenow Robin Ostlund Shooting against capitalism, patriarchy and the supposed utopia of the mother, tax evaders, structural racism, the class system, instagrammers and the haute cuisine fallacy, among other goals. As he completes a wild voyage between the superficial fashion industry and a remote island on a luxury cruise ship, the film that earned the Swede his Palme d’Or for the second time. It starts to look like a copy arty to zoolander (2001) and then, in its progression, Alternate nods to authors like Buñuel, Godard, Brecht, and the Farrelly Brothers. and the satire he executes meanwhile is thunderous, vulgar, subtle as a hammer blow, and proudly nihilistic; He maintains that absolute power corrupts regardless of who exercises it.

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Like almost all of Ostlund’s cinema, too, it is a detached and often self-indulgent piece of work at times; Moreover, the aims of his criticism are fairly clear and his arguments are familiar. None of this, in any way, detracts from its dazzling visual elegance, nor its technical accuracy, nor its Great ability to make the viewer laugh While he feels foolish for doing so, nor with the sheer force with which he reminds us that money is worthless when its owner finds himself rolling on a floor soaked with fecal water and vomit. Nando Salva

Sadness triangle

exit: Robin Ostlund

Performers: Harris Dickinson, Charlby Dean, Dolly De Leon, Woody Harrelson

the first show: February 17, 2023

& starf; & starf; & starf; & starf;

A small tribute to fans of indie cinematic music

This is a movie Almost handmade Who knows how to take advantage of the minimal resources available to him to create a special atmosphere: a single setting, a bar, a series of characters and a timeline that blurs between past and present and what he dreams or imagines.

Venus It comes from a play signed by Victor Condé himself who is now responsible for bringing it to the screen. She does it in black and white, in homage to cinema Ambiguous NovellBut without losing its dramatic origin through the dialogues. A man (Antonio Hortelano) returns to the neighborhood where he grew up and meets a series of characters that were part of his life, most of them as if they were ghosts, which will help him understand many things about himself.

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From the humility of suggestion, Victor Condé tells us about the need to seize the momentTo experience emotions and not be afraid to make mistakes and fight for what you want despite social norms and personal fears. To finally be free. It’s a very musical, very cinematic and nostalgic movie. It is small but endearing and you can see the care with which it is done, with the complicity of a group of interpreters who play their cards like magic, among which we find the ethereal presence of Lolita Flores, Elena Furias and one of the last appearances of Juan Diego. Beatriz Martinez


Title: Victor Conde

Performers: Antonio Hortelano, Paola Muñoz, Ariana Bruguera, Mikel Fernandez, Carlos Serrano-Clark, Carlos Gorb, Juan Diego, Elena Furias, Lolita, Ana Rojas

the first show: February 17, 2023

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Forgive, fight or leave

Social motives and demands have always found an echo in cinema. Movies are part of the social fabric. At certain times, the “subject” trumped any other consideration. We are now in one of these stages. What is important is to deal with some necessary and urgent issues, whether it be evictions, abuse, sexual assault, gender reassignment, or the suppression of any non-normative sexual activity, and that is not meant to be aesthetic, narrative, or conceptual. It’s not the old discourse about form and substance, but there is something of it. And in this case he loves the movie They talkwhose subject matter is exciting, but not so much the schematic vision that is presented to it.

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The movie is directed by the actress and director Sarah Polley Makes your thesis very clear. Continuous speech is somewhat preferred to suggestion. The idea is very interesting, because it places the action in a religious colony in the middle of the field, in an unspecified location and relatively soon, 2010. There, a group of women gather in the barn to decide what to do in the face of men’s constant assaults: either forgive, or You stay and fight, or you leave. from theatrical roots, They talk It focuses on inspections and confrontations. He denies some realism, given the presence of a trans character, something quite impossible in a society of such characteristics, and prefers to proclaim itself as a female fantasy. But it goes around and around the same thing until a certain exhaustion. Kim Casas

‘they talk’

Title: Sarah Polley

Performers: Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Frances McDormand

the first show: February 17, 2023

& starf; & starf;

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