This way you can see if they will pay or return the income statement using the simulator

campaign Income statement Corresponding to fiscal year 2022 is about to begin. Specifically, it will do so on April 11 for nearly 22 million taxpayers in Spain. One of the greatest doubts of each of them is knowing whether to pay or return the statement, but thanks Tax agency simulator The outcome can be predicted.

simulation Openweb Rent 2022 It’s a tool already available to advertise for filing this year. They can be accessed without prior identification and the taxpayer only has to fill in the fields with their data Calculate whether you will have to pay the treasury or, on the contrary, it will be returned to you.

Fill in the fields to see the result

The first step is to manually fill in the tax data: name and surname, personal identification, children or date of birth, among others. in the simulation Data can be entered Whether it is a joint or individual advertisement.

Then, on the Declarations Summary screen, you can see the declarer’s results. At this point, the IRS states that the data should be entered individually The joint ad is created automatically with data entry.

You can also enter data from summary concepts or tab access “ad paragraphs”. In the displayed window, clicking “Show options” enables the actions button with which you can edit data and navigate through the simulator.

Once it is filled and complete Should be “Validate”The locker tool will then check for any errors and clicking save will generate a downloadable and recoverable SES file for future scans in the simulator.

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Pay advertisement or return?

It’s in the final step, back in the Summary, when a tab appears with the score obtained on the 2022 income statement and whether it will be paid or returned. specific, This can be checked in the “Payment or return document” section..

At this point, the taxpayer You can download the PDF file from the Preview tab. It is important to note that this document is not valid for deposit returns.

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