This was the book supplement party for El Periódico de España

After two years of pandemic and one of hail (St. Jordi’s “On the Rocks”), the book sector was already living in joy like Diada’s many. And weddings should always be celebrated. Ideally, accompanied by other humans and in a fun, well-appointed setting. the First anniversary party Aprilliterary supplement to Prensa Ibérica (EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA publishing company), has been hypothesized as the preferred choice for ending Glory Day in a suggestive setting as Dry Martini Speckiesthat supposedly secret space that can only be accessed with a secret password.

The purpose of Speakeasy Password is to recall Excitement, danger and a sense of exclusivity From the prohibition days of the 1920s chicago gambling dens but i would say that for the Boomers Which constitute the group of generations that make up the vast majority in a party April (Among them the author of these notes) The closest reference are those crazy slogans that Mortadillo and Philemon They had to let loose every time they wanted to infiltrate TIA headquarters (“Those guys with mustaches have Hottentot’s face ” etc.).”

Greetings to Terrence

On this occasion, the safe phrase opens the doors of this evening of books with gracious patronage Grupo Planeta and Freixenet He is “I love Terenci April & rdquor;, in honor of the Barcelona-born writer Ramon Moix who had a bad idea of ​​dying precisely one day in April 20 years ago. “We wanted to find a way to connect the party with Terenci’s memory,” he explains Alex Salmonboss Aprilwho, as an attentive host, was stationed at the entrance while communicating with the writer and journalist Juan Cruzthe attaché headed by Prensa Ibérica (“I’m here watching,” he jokes).

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Soon, the attendee-welcoming cups of Elyssia cava on bars and on trays were coexisting with the colorful cocktails that made Javier de las Muelas’ establishment famous and things started to look up. The Minister of the Presidency was one of the first to wake Felix Bolanos, who says he arrived “with immense satisfaction & rdquor; they lived ‘a splendid day in which the citizens enjoyed life, culture and reading’.” A group of businessmen and politicians soon formed around him, including, among others, the CEO of Prensa Ibérica, Aitor Mall; boss Catalonia newspaperAnd Albert Says; Bankinter Manager in Catalonia, Edward Gallart; CEO Focus Isabella Vidal; Chairman of the Socialist Opposition in Parliament, Ella Salvador; Interior Minister , Joan Ignasi Elena; Deputy mayor Leah BonetFormer Minister of Economy Jaume Jiro And how could it be otherwise, colorful mayor poker.

Ernest Maragall (Toil) , Jaume Colponi (PSC), Daniel Sierra (PP), Anna Grau (citizens) f Eva Barrera (Valentes) are the candidates for the mayoralty of Barcelona who have seen fit to end the match in a party April A hard day hunting for votes. Only re-election candidate Ada Colau and Xavier Trias (Junts) declined the invitation, and they’ll know why.

Waltz of life

While representatives of what used to be called the Civic Living Forces exchange views on the uncertain future of the city, in an adjoining room, Writers, editors, journalists and filmmakers They began to dance the waltz of life, as they say. He supports the rumor that members of the literary tribe are introverted and reserved creatures with little gift for social activism, but the image being formed in Dry Martini is determined to deny this. After all, here’s a (very good) St. Jordi to celebrate.

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The occasion allows, for example, to collect the last two winners from Nadal: Ines Martin Rodrigowinner in 2022 with forms of wantAnd Manuel Villaswhat with we (Nadal award 2023), he managed, he says, to remove the “thorn & rdquor; 2020 when the pandemic prevented him from signing copies of happinessPlanet Earth novel.


Joy without thorns (other than the roses offered by Flores Navarro) is exactly what flows through the ‘April’ party, which the book keeps getting to –Elvira Navarro, Luisa Castro, Dolores Redondo, Edurne Portela, Ildefonso Falcones, Olga Merino, Xita Rubert de Ventós, Emma Riverola, Ray Loriga, Juan Vico, Pilar Rahola, Elisabeth Duval, Andrea Tomasini, Sabino Méndez, Juan Soto Ivars, Pilar Eyre , Mercedesabad, Daniel Vazquez-Sales, Ricard Ruiz, Sergio Puertas… -, editors –Nuria Capote (random penguin house) Juan Cerezo (Tusquets), Joanne Tarida (Gutenberg Galaxy), Anna Soldevilla (destination), Emily Rosales and Pilar Beltran (Group 62), Carlos Reeves (planet), Martha Butcher (cliff) and mldr; – Actors and directors –Albert Soule, Laura Mania, Mireya Ross, Itziar Castro– Literary agents, journalists, and various other obsessive-compulsive patients.

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The party glamor is sure to go up a notch with an encore Albert Serrawith sunglasses and that timeless look of monogrammed pajamas, almost at the last minute, from Gemma Ruizwhich was the big winner that day with its novel Our seas And that she admits to being “a little bit confused” by everything he experienced at the record-breaking St. Jordi.

Eliot wrote, “April is the cruelest of months.” On such days, it is difficult to agree with him.

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