“This very Taurus”: the reason for the success of the horoscope among young people

Since 2020, Google searches for words like “birth chart” They fired. Astrology for many Kind of religion Plus, which is a pseudoscience that sticks to it in the face of uncertainty. This does not mean that it ceases to be successful. The ability of this abstract system to adapt to existing languages ​​was the key for younger people to approach it through networks. new market niche.

It shows that you are very Taurus. I’m sure your ascendant is Cancer. These kinds of phrases are being heard more and more among guy Millennium (1978-1996) and Generation Z (from 1997 onwards). Although there is no consensus on which dates correspond to each group, it can be said that those who belong to Generation Z are those who were born with smart phone underarm. A tool that connects them massively and gives them access to endless content, from scientific and practical knowledge to dating apps like Tinder, porn, and Astrology.

According to Google Trends, the term “star chart” Its popularity has increased dramatically (more than tripled) during 2020 and 2021. The most difficult years of the pandemic. Months in which the level of uncertainty for the entire population of the world before the panorama grew unprecedented. Confined in the house, with the screens as a great stimulant during the perpetual groundhog day that was confinement, Searches for this term skyrocketed.

Astrology is something that dates back far back, ever since humans started looking at the sky and astrologers imagined that horoscopes could influence everyday life. In the past, astrology and astronomy went hand in hand.Even European monarchs had astrologers making predictions in the 16th century. But he came Johannes Keplerthe first astrophysicist and the last scientific astrologer, and they ended up separating them.

As the famous astrophysicist said Carl Sagan in CosmosAstrology is something that “seems to give cosmic meaning to our daily routines.” Linking our existence to something superior is something as old as manEven more so in moments of uncertainty such as war, pandemic or climate change that looms like a gray cloud full of lightning over the accelerating small bodies of a generation that suffers from a constant flood of information and often does not know what to expect.

Why it works

Something is going on with astrology that psychology calls it Immediate effect: the phenomenon by which Anyone can identify a general description that can be applied to anyone else. This is something that horoscopes or tarot have always played well with. These generic descriptions offer something to hold on to, a tool for identification and self-awareness (Ah, I usually have a life like this, that’s right also What’s up, I usually do the exact opposite) or, as is the case today, another entertainment of mobile consultation and sharing on social networks as a distinct feature of our digital selves. Hi, I have cancer, and I am so-and-so. Memes, songs, and characters associated with a particular zodiac sign shared on Twitter or Instagram.

“I think it’s interesting to know that there are other kinds of things we can turn to when reality just isn’t working for us,” says Valeria, a 24-year-old canary. “I consume it as another form of entertainment,” he adds, “I like to understand the traits of each of the zodiac signs.” “I don’t believe in predictions, but am amused by the similarities between people of the same sign,” says Leticia, a 37-year-old Canary. In the same vein, 24-year-old Victoria from Seville explains that she is not looking for a weekly horoscope, which tells you that you will be looking for work or love, but through the descriptions of her sign, which is Libra, she is trying to figure out what one way or another is. “Not that it helps me, but it makes you understand things about yourself and other people.”

Astrology has managed to adapt to modern times, into the language required by the younger ones. with Mail Like “What Tamara Falco Phrase Is You According To Your Zodiac” or “What Bad Guys Song Matches With You According To The Stars,” accounts like Charcastrology, triumph on Instagram. Charas Vega, who handles this profile, explains, “People who can get close don’t have to believe in astrology.” These original contents appeal to more than one. or one. When asked about his audience, he highlighted that 80% of the people who follow you (out of about 82,000), They are women.

Taking advantage of this, Vega, who published his novel, explains, The stars told me With Penguin Random House, the story of a journalist who works in the occult section of a newspaper, that “department no one wants to do,” as the author defines it. s Fashion reaches not only books, but also clothes: in the most expensive brands such as Dolce & Gabbana or Lacoste, through Nike and access to Shein with the Sheglan Horoscope collection, there are stellar and cosmic motifs.

“There are many theories about why it works, like because the future looks so dark because of the climate crisis, because of what happened with the coronavirus, because of the political uncertainty… and ultimately, that’s when this kind of belief is most common,” he points out. Vega Added to this are two factors as well: Although all generations of young people have experienced uncertainty, Now “the social convention that we will always be better off than our parents has been broken” On the other hand, the Detachment from religionwhich young people generally stay away from.

Astrology and algorithms are abstract ideas to dictate the future of our lives.”

In this line, Professor of Social Media and Social Psychology Dolors Reg, explains that “young people have realized that the system at the environmental level and at the political and economic levels has gone bankrupt and alternative ways are being sought.” Rigg underscores how, for better or worse, the pandemic has meant a time for reflection, looking inward, and self-discovery. In doing so, young people seek “interpretive frameworks for what they find, frameworks like astrology” and “magical alternatives to dysfunctional realities” like the one we live in, a reason that would also explain the success of video games and the metaverse project. You flee to alternate universes to abandon, if only for a few moments, this world in crisis.

There is another factor affecting the current success of the horoscope among the younger ones The way this generation exists who consults her. Generation Z is constantly looking for approval. Likeshearts, retweet, followersLove her, Minimized picture Up… is Jill Constantly seeks positive reinforcement and tolerates frustration poorly, has little ability to delay reward. A society that is very accustomed to all those social and technological prizes that social networks have accustomed us to. In this search for external approval, there may also be a need to know yourself better. I want to know myself better to be a better person and to be more approved of by others, which is why I approached astrology or psychology,” explains Rigg. Astrology is still a religion. Of course, more related to man and psychology.

Horoscopes, relationships and love

“Today in the West, being interested in astrology means that you read your horoscope or, as Tinder advises, that you ask for the zodiac sign of your future encounter in order to be able to check the compatibility index,” explains Nuria Gómez Gabriel in her article. digital primitive. Tinder and the neoliberal cosmology of capturing romantic love. The Barcelona researcher stands out Tinder’s own narrative focuses on astrology He links it to the “ideology of big data” and the “socio-technical dynamics of application”.

For Adorno, superstitions are dangerous because they can lead an individual into negativity

Gómez Gabriel points out that “an ancient reference to some esoteric forms typical of speculative arts is being refreshed today if we think about data mining and its consumption patterns, as the main source of income for platform capitalism”. In the absence of religion, algorithms and astrology are good and other abstract ideas that we provide for the uncertain future of our lives..

This has led to a generation speaking publicly about their brand as their identifier, especially in networks and apps such as the well-known dating app. As Gómez Gabriel explains, “Astrology appeals to the desire to find a small place in a vast universe, but if outlining the belt of Orion in the universe one sees oneself projected onto a seemingly chaotic reality, one defines perfect match in feed Of application is to see oneself projected into an order of reality based on success and self-improvement.”


To what extent is this flourishing of astrology among the younger ones positive or negative? The Vegas charas finally clear up Own beliefs never hurt anyoneThat everyone is free to believe what they want. The potential problem may come from the format rather than the content itself: consult social networks, share Mail And feedback is sources of dopamine and satisfaction for the never-satisfied brain, which always wants more and more “rewarding” stimuli. Astrology, which has been among humans for thousands of years, is now being absorbed by the technological world presenting it as a new entertainment product. From looking at the twinkling starlight to looking at the dim light of the mobile phone screen. “The phenomenon of deconstructing illusions and astrology in the language of the media used by the big corporations of digital capitalism has transformed ancestral knowledge into an appropriation of human desire and relationships,” Gómez Gabriel explains in his article.

It works thanks to the Fourier effect: descriptions so general that anyone can identify them”

The German sociologist and philosopher of the Frankfurt School, Theodor Adorno, in the 1950s, how superstitions, such as the horoscope or the Tarot, could be dangerous. Not because people believed in the influence of the stars, but because it was an idea It can lead to alienation, to political passivity. Added to this is the current context of young people mired in uncertainty, in which everything, even personal relationships, is commodified, the dynamics behind horoscope counseling could be symptoms of a hidden disease, discontent disguised as technological progress. Astrology is like a little bandage to a very bleeding wound, like a door through which one escapes from a reality that overwhelms and overwhelms. Messages from the universe to feel less lonely. This is not to say that it is no longer a source of entertainment, something to hold on to or get lost in, or even a kind of therapy. What are the things. what severity reflection sleeve. All this was very cancer. Or maybe it’s all because of Mercury retrograde.

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