This TikTok video teaches you how to tell if a pair of pants fits without trying them on

In this pandemic we have found ourselves in a situation that we fortunately no longer face. After confinement we went to physical clothing stores with our masks on and maybe after having to wait due to over capacity, and when you found something you liked and wanted to try, you can’t, since then, avoid infection, Fitting rooms are closed.

The solution was to figure out what size would fit, bring it home, and in the best case, problem solved. At worst, you had to return to the store in a matter of hours or days.with the laziness she gave, to be able to change her.

For t-shirts, polo shirts, or T-shirts, you just had to go for it, But for Pants there is a very simple trick and whate became popular in the epidemic and has survived to this day. It also existed before, but it was not as widespread as it is now, and because of this need it became popular.

Store customers trust the call Neck trickThe proof is that a TikTok search for “jean hacks around the neck” has millions upon millions of views so far. and increased.

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The ‘tiktokerNicole Fay (@nicolefay_) went to a clothing store to see if it would work. “Damn, they fit!”she exclaimed when she got home and checked that the dress fit her stomach like a glove. His post got three million views in 24 hours. since i downloaded it, It has already amassed nearly six million hits and has 1.2 million “likes”.

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It couldn’t be easier to do. You have to take the pantsObviously, whatever size you think will fit you best after the first look. Then wrap them around the neck with the waist tie. If the ends touch, then this is your size. If they do not reach, then you need a larger size, if there is excess, then you need a smaller size. Check it out for yourself.

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