This is why the next year may not be 2023, according to historians

The Western calendar indicates that the change of year will occur on January 1, 2023 AD. On the other hand, historians consider this idea He is Error, Because the current number is the result of a incorrect accountso they call it Christ He would not have been born before 2023 years.

This fact is due to the fact that the early Christians did not take this into account The birth of Jesus Time counting the years after his birth, like this Based on In other events such as the date that Rome Founded or edition the Olympics.

Lauren Perezprofessor of the history of religions at the University of Carlos III, told CNN: “When they were Christians for several centuries, they realized that it was a good reference, but they did not know exactly when it was born. In addition, according to the University of Valencia, the Syrian monk Diminutive Dionysuse., in AD 532 concluded that Jesus Christ had been born in December 25 of the year 754 auc This year is called as “Anno Domini”which shall come to be the first year of the Lord.

Great debate

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At the moment, there is still much debate as to whether this is actually the case Jesus of Nazareth Born on December 25th. Studies show that it is theoretically impossible Mary I gave birth to Christ this day, where there is no the reviewer The Bible nor the documentaries that prove it.

According to information from “National Geographic”, these dates back to a time Emperor Constantinewhose task was to legalize Christian practice To convert the Roman population.

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