This is what you should check before getting into the car, as advised by the DGT

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has launched a new alert regarding bad driving practices. This is the new called effect SubmarineThis could cause serious injury.

he seat belt It is one of the essential elements when it comes to protecting ourselves from traffic accidents. However, not wearing it properly can cause serious injuries.

What is the underwater effect?

he “underwater effect” It occurs when the body of a vehicle occupant It is not attached well Because the seat belt is too loose or installed incorrectly, so Press the seat down and slide under the lap belt. This raises collision risk against the steering wheel, dashboard, or the bottom of the passenger compartment.

Therefore, the DGT warns of an effect known as Submarine. It happens when you wear a loose seat belt. What does this mean? When the car crashes, the occupant experiences a strong jolt, the body is not well supported by the belt (loose or poorly adjusted), the seat is pressed down and it slides under the lap belt. This increases the risk of hitting the steering wheel.dashboard or the bottom of the passenger compartment.

the injuries Which can cause different types: injuries to the back and pelvis, fracture of the femur or head of the femur, as well as serious internal bleeding.

To avoid this, we must be sure to remove it Any slack in the belt by the corsets.

coat in winter

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Now that winter is upon us, this caveat needs to be taken into account. and that is Drive with your coat on It is one of the causes of the “submarine effect”. This garment prevents the belt from fitting.

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So it is necessary to ensure that the belt He has the right tension And the belly belt is in place. They also prefer the “underwater effect”. You have a very reclining backrestPlace certain covers over the seats, or place a pillow or towel under the buttocks.

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