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Ram Setu: This Is What Akshay Kumar Posted After Diu Schedule Wrap

“Natural beauty, lovely people, don’t miss the famous Pani Kotha fortress-jail at the back,” wrote Akshay Kumar

New Delhi: Akshay Kumar, on Sunday, wrapped a schedule of Ram Setu in Diu and had the nicest things to stay about the place. In addition to the natural beauty of Diu, the actor was also impressed with the rich history of the area. Sharing a photo in which he is seen in his look from Ram Setu, Akshay Kumar wrote, “Taking back amazing memories of Diu as we end a schedule of Ram Setu. Natural beauty, lovely people, don’t miss the famous Pani Kotha fortress-jail at the back. The place is an incredible gem wrapped in history. Diu tujhe dil diya (I have given you my heart, Diu).”—-the-battle-at-lake-changjin/c/5SjZdtcfrVU—-the-battle-at-lake-changjin/c/1jBpy2Lic88—-the-battle-at-lake-changjin/c/l-E5h0rlnr0–13Y—-the-battle-at-lake-changjin/c/JeW_L5kC-vc—-the-battle-at-lake-changjin/c/lsP_FtSk2zE

Earlier Akshay Kumar also shared a fun video with his Ram Setu co-star, Jacqueline Fernandez. In the clip, the actress is seen playing with her hair through a small air vent in the helicopter. She is seen letting her hair strands get sucked out of the vent. Akshay Kumar couldn’t help but scribble when he saw her up to no good. He said, “Here’s a tip for all the ladies out there: Jacqueline Jugaadu’s work is used with permission. Learn how to curl your hair in a helicopter while in mid-flight by watching this video.”

Previously, upon wrapping one schedule of Ram Setu in Ooty, Akshay Kumar shared a photo with Jacqueline Fernandez and actor Satyadev. He wrote, “In the photo – or in life – there’s always that beautiful streak of light above dark clouds. Wrapped the Ooty schedule of Ram Setu. Hope the divine light always guides us through thick and thin.”

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