This is the Spanish city included in the list of the safest cities in the world

head nod The thing itself is already complicated, but it gets even more complicated when you have to Choose place to to live. This usually represents a decision a path What you want for your life, so it is important to take into account Factors As a job opportunity located in the chosen location, the cost of livingdistance, or Social life that can be made available. On many occasions, factor degree of security provided by the place.

the gate numberingcompare several Statistics Of the countries and cities in the world related to the cost of living, the radioactive contaminationand health services traffic movement and update files Crime rate Of the world’s cities, later, he developed “classification’.

According to Numbeo, Cities safer planet are:

  1. Doha (Qatar)

  2. Taipei (Taiwan)

  3. Ajman (Arab Emirates)

  4. Sharjah (Arab Emirates)

On the other hand, according to the portal, the cities where is the deviation prevail in abundance They are:

  1. Caracas (Venezuela)

  2. Durban (South Africa)

  3. Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)

  4. Johannesburg (South Africa)

Spanish cities

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Among the “ranking” of the safest cities in the world, in Center number 8 It has been found Saint Sebastian Like the Spanish city with better Indicator Safety degrees from the list 83.1. This means that the provincial capital of Guipúzcoa has higher security than cities like Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic) or Hong Kong (China).

This city is not the only one in the “100 best” rating, since in Rank 58 It is the Andalusian city Malaga degree 72.9 points. in it 74th place He was placed Alicante; in it 79 Madrid And in 94 Valencia. outside the “ranking” of the top 100, Seville is placed in post 104; Barcelona in it 252 s Bilbao in it 281 position in the list.

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