This is the revolutionary way NASA will try to get to Mars

the Containerand the Curiosity rover perseverance They bet their last errands in Mars by Nuclear Energy As a source of energy generation, due to its length DurationAnd reliability and little maintenance Which requires.

However, for more than 50 years that the space agency has not been able He runsr proof on Motors thermonuclear. This may yet change Release What NASA did about it cooperation What will he do with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for to invest In the development of a Technique Advanced thermal propulsion nuclear that will be tested on 2027.

“the astronauts can travel to and from Void more deep fast ever & rdquor; As the NASA official enthusiastically reported, Bill Nelson. At the press conference, the agency also mentioned it will benefit the program Draco conducted by DARPA already in 2021 for a study technology in orbit. This project agency will also be responsible for the development of the ship Experimental NTR NASA will make every effort to do so manufacturing from U.S engine Even better than the current ones.

new engine

Experts believe that a Rocket thermal nuclear It could be between two and five times more effective that paying off Chemistry allows more Positively the ability to Pregnancy It is estimated that the propulsion will be beneficial to the ship 10,000 times larger that ship from Dart mission used at that time to transformation meteor.

Real the challenge For engineers to generate enough duty to Faster Big masses in long periods of time. NASA chose 14 suggestions as part of a program whose aim is to ‘develop advanced long-term or completely new concepts’ and one of them is the Aeronautical Engineer Ryan GossWho does not see the impossible Mix paying off thermal s nuclear in the same engine.

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Unlike the payment system traditionalthese two systems have the largest Paid better selector efficiency of fuel and density Unlimited energy.

Therefore, if the engine proposed by Gosse had Successwould be the fact that a Expedition Crew to Mars will take 45 days. Besides being awesome Achievement Technological and historical, it will also be great victory to astronautsas they will have less exposure at radiation And in the environment Microgravity.

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