This is the physical change of Beth, former contestant of “Operación Triunfo”

To make sure that Lovers Triumph process Do you remember his step? For the famous TV contest that stars like David Bisbal or, more recently, Aitana, for example. Although there are other participants who have not reached the rank of world stars, at least in terms of their recognition, But they continue their musical career Or, at any rate, they continue to amaze the audience.

In this specific case, We are talking about Beth Rodergas, one of the former contestants of Operación Triunfo beloved by the public in the course of the program. singer , He even came to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2003 with the song Dime. In addition, Beth has gone through a huge transformation in recent years. The artist, who fell in love with the audience with her alternative look and energetic voice, did not get the place she deserved at the festival, but left an indelible mark.

With all this time gone by, Beth continued to work in the music world and evolved in her style, moving away from rock and towards a more electronic and danceable sound..

The singer is currently 40 years old and continues to count the affection of the audience aware of the national music scene. However, he not only devoted himself to music all this time, but also delved into other fields, Both in business and in the family, to become a mother.

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As a result of the passage of time like everyone else, Beth also changed her style, leaving aside her famous dreadlocks and her alternative style in general. For a more complex one, or call it one way or another. At the moment, Barcelona, ​​specifically from the town of Soria, has a family of four. In reality, His first daughter, Lía, was the inspiration for his clothing label Littlelia by Bethwhich is dedicated to children’s and infants’ clothing with their own designs.

This business idea It has allowed him to make a living outside of music and prove that he can do it successfully. Despite his business ventures, Beth has never put her passion for music aside and has remained attached to it all these yearswhich indicates his ingenuity and talent in various fields.

out of curiosity, Beth admitted that she left the WhatsApp group for the second edition of Operacion Triunfo in which she participated for political reasons. Catalan artist She is known as a supporter of Catalan independence And a few viral jokes from some of his peers struck a chord with him.

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In spite of everything, Beth He still maintains a good relationship with most of his classmates at the academy. He has shown his professionalism and maturity by separating his personal life from politics.

Finally, it should be noted that in their social networks, Beth shares her family day in and day out with her followers, showing her most intimate, personal sides. was the artist Another son, Kaiwhich completes the beautiful family of four that she formed with her husband.

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