This is the new government aid package

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced that the Cabinet will approve on Tuesday the package of measures presented by the Minister of Environmental Transformation and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, to increase the coverage of social ties of electricity. And heating plus tax rebates for the winter.

The plan was intended as+ Energy SecurityIt includes 73 measures and will include the mobilization of 3,000 million euros by the Executive, which hopes to reduce energy costs this winter, with inflation stagnating, for “40% of households” as the government has confirmed.

Of this figure, 2,000 million euros, ABC has learned, will go towards reducing gas bills for the 1.7 million consumers who live in buildings with Central heating Forced to be in the free market due to the large volume of gas they demand, they have to make payments that triple the cost of any customer at a regulated rate.

Regulated rate of central heating

The government is considering creating a new regulatory rate (TUR) specifically for central heating and avoiding an increase in community bills until 2023, without linking to consumption.

The president of the General Council of Property Managers, Pablo Abascal, told this newspaper that the establishment of this new rate, “which we have already requested in September 2021”, will pose a problem for neighborhood communities who are anticipating these days. Contracts in the free market at much higher prices. With the disadvantages that breach of these contracts will result in high penalties.

social links

Yesterday Pedro Sanchez also identified improvements in the social connections of electricity and heat. “There will be new 40% cuts on the electricity bill for 1.5 million low-income working families.”

He explained that the current social reward for electricity, which includes 1.3 million households, will increase the discount applied to the regulated electricity rate for long periods. Consumers at risk: from 60% to 65%. The discount for high-risk consumers has also been raised, from 70% to 80%. Likewise, the amount of energy worth these deductions is increased by 15%.

The thermal social bonus, an aid awarded depending on the geographical area (warmer or colder), grows from 35 to 350 euros per year to the range of 40 to 375 euros per year.

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