This is the last day to file an income statement if you have to pay and don’t want to go to the bank

Income statement campaign ends. For the 2022 fiscal year, nearly 22 million taxpayers have been called to file the declaration. the next June 30th is the last day to submit the declarationBut those who come to “enter”, that is, to pay the treasury, must be aware of this deadline if they want to be able to localize the payment.

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, as of June 1, 2023, 13,822,000 taxpayers have already submitted the declaration, 6.4% more than a year ago on the same dates. In this sense, the Ministry also reports that more than 7 million taxpayers have already received a refund of €5,390 million two months after the start of the campaign.

However, although the deadline is generally through June 30, the Treasury Department reports little difference in draft submission deadlines.

term if the permit leaves you to pay

“Tuesday June 27, 2023 term ends To file returns for 2022 income and 2022 equity, provided that they are a result The statement is entry Your payment will be seated in a bank account,” as explained on the IRS website.

This means that if the return appears ‘Payable’ on June 27th, that will be the last day for the transfer to be confirmed so that the amount is debited from the bank account. He informs the treasury that by filing the declaration on the twenty-seventh, the payment will be made on the thirtieth. Dr..Otherwise, the taxpayer will have to go to his bank to make the payment.

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If the taxpayer splits the payment, the second payment will be made on November 6.

In the case of returns to be entered and for which the total payment is not made by direct debit Payment can be made by transfer (with debt recognition), or you can get an income document that allows you to pay into a cooperating entity,” the IRS says.

In terms of deadlines, the last day to request an IRS appointment to prepare the declaration in person is June 29.

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