This is the great novelty of Twitter when it comes to user experience

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has been announced new changes which will take place from January on the platform Twitter. The owner of the social network has enabled a file New navigation featurewhich will allow users changes Content flow between tweets RecommendedAnd the Threads As for trends.

Likewise, the platform already has a a tool which enables changes Organize the home page according to whether you prefer a schedule or not chronologicalwhich Leeds to Tweets in orderor the line that gives priority to Featured Tweets. In order to make the said modification, netizens must click The symbol is in the form of stars located in the upper right of the splash screen When you open the app.

forms of consumption

The businessman commented already in December that he intended To facilitate transition between the most we can talk aboutthe latest trends and Most viewed topics In the main schedule for Energizing users method Consume content on the platform.

Another innovation that Twitter has included is the function that shows users a file number of visits that receive tweets or news colored badges (blue, gold, or gray) helps Distinguish Different account types.

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A few weeks ago, the visits account information had already been implemented and was already available in the data shown by the account analysis provided by Twitter to all users who had activated it. But, This novelty directly shows the traffic data under the tweetwithout having to press the “View tweet stats” button.

The hit count appears just below the “tweet” text, where it does indeed show the number of “retweets” or “likes” the post receives, but unlike these, it looks like the hit count will only be visible to the user themselves.

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