This is the German anti-missile shield “Advanced Defense against Terrorism”.

This week, the Ukrainian army received the first German-made IRIS-T anti-missile shield donated by the German Armed Forces to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

It is the most advanced model of anti-missile shield “advanced defense against terrorism” and “the most modern weapon in the world”, in the words of the German army.

The main objective of a weapon of this type is to stop air attacks in a war, and IRIS-T, using the latest technology, performs this function Especially in small towns.

It can shoot down aircraft, cruise missiles and drones and is “capable of providing long-range, continuous protection for the area,” he noted. Diehl’s defenseThe German manufacturer responsible for its development.

Infrared system and 360 degree detection

Combined with various radar and command systems, IRIS-T provides capabilities and benefits a advanced system Air Defense »they add from the company.

Modern applied technology makes IRIS-T capable of destroying targets with a height of up to 20 km and 40 km.

In addition, it tracks enemy fire in 360 degrees and uses infrared rays for detection.

ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyFor months, he has asked for help from several of his key allies in the form of war materials that could contribute to the country’s defense, even though the president maintains that they still don’t have “10% of what they need,” he said.

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