This is the first Hispanic vegan foie gras that is 100% veggie and is making a sales sweep

The emergence of vegetarianism and veganism is undeniable, as well as all tendencies aimed at excluding the consumption of products of animal origin. More and more companies are embarking on an adventure A version of foods that have traditionally been made with meat to make it vegetarian.

This is the situation Hello Plant Foodsa Spanish company that ventured with Phua. This product they called it “Hi Fuah!” , developed to 100% with botanical ingredients And since its launch in November, the anticipation it generated was so high that they had to Multiply his output by six. The success lies in the fact that both appearance and flavor are practically identical to traditional foie gras.

So great was the appeal of this new product that many restaurateurs, such as Zalacaín and the rest of the Urrechu Group establishments in Madrid, have ventured into it. Include them in your messages to fulfill your desires One of their most amazing clients.

High quality

This vegan food deserves the high praise it has received since its launch for its superior quality. the Appearance, taste, texture and aroma It seems to faithfully repeat the types of foie gras of animal origin, with the important difference, in this case, the manufacture Exclusively with natural ingredients and free from preservatives.

In addition, it happens entirely in Spain And since December 17, it can be purchased from about 200 points of sale consisting of some Shops and vegetable supermarkets to the field.

As they explain on their website, the ingredients They are: water, cashew nuts, coconut oil, yellow lentil flour, potato starch, salt, natural flavors, turmeric, armagnac, sucrose, spices, sunflower oil and beetroot extract.

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In this way they achieved Reproduction of sensory characteristics From animal foie gras. Actually, he has Typical appearance: With a yellow layer of fat on top and a pink color inside.

two forms

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The company has developed two forms of this very special product, with the aim of catering to the different uses that every consumer wants to make out of their “Fouah!”.

  • Release le parfait: the classic foie gras jar is perfect for appetizers, 150 gr And at a price 7.90 euros.

  • Release A piece of 500 grams: Targeted at professional chefs and junkies who want to eat it at home in larger quantities.

The company recommends on its website to consume it, the best method is Take it out of the fridge an hour before to allow it to cool. Also, they designed Packaging With a very clear goal: Classic concept update of the glass jar of foie gras to state that the product is completely vegan and “with 0% suffering.”

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