This is the exorbitant figure for a family in the UK to take care of their pets

the dog We are active pets Fun and loving. So much so that for many people they are wonderful life companions. That’s why it’s essential to be dogs They feel comfortable in their daily lives. From personal eating routines to spas and luxury treatments, Some pet owners are committed to the well-being of their pets knows no bounds.

In this case, an American billionaire family living in the UK went viral after a dossier was published Dog sitter job offer Full time with salary $127,227 per year (€115.00 per year).

This is how he posted it on LinkedIn Fairfax and KensingtonEmployment Agency with Headquarters in London.

The show reached the ears of various British media, So within a few days, the plaintiffs received almost 400 applications for the position of “dog sitter”. But what should this person do at work? Basically feed them, brush them and coordinating their appointments with the vet for vaccinations and other general check-ups.

In addition, the sitter must travel all over the country and even to other countries, so she must ensure the safety and comfort of the dogs at all times, Also, look for “pet-friendly” locations. Among other activities, you must implement a routine exercises with animals. You will also need to arrange play dates with others dogwalks in zoos and animal participation in events for dogs.

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She won’t be the only one working with this family but she will have to Talk to the cleaning staff to check it out Dogs in a clean and harmonious environmentEspecially with regards to all animal materials.

expected to be The chosen candidate Living with family in an area knightsbridge Exclusive residential neighborhood in london, provide care and Unparalleled dog caretreat them as Dear family members.

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