This is the exact number that will be played in the Christmas lottery for 2022 according to the pioneer

The Christmas lottery He collects press headlines, television minutes, and people’s fantasies on the morning of December 22nd. The Teatro Real is full of atmosphere (this year yes) and almost all of Spain participates at least once.

For 2022 there are star numbers. If the date of the eruption of the La Palma volcano in 2021 is one of the most sought after and sales, this year Important dates such as the day Queen Elizabeth II died Or the day of the World Cup final are among the most oppressed.

And like every year, there are also people trying to predict what’s going onWhat number will be the winner 400,000 euros until ten And 4 million euros for the series. next to nothing.

Louis “The Wizard”The seer, has already thrown the “bomb” through TikTok. He directly released the number he would play, and by the way, he also released three ends that were touched by the stick and have more chances to play. Remember, we all want to win the jackpot, but there are other prizes too.

“This is the first time I’m going to do something like this. So I’m asking you please don’t slip because my intention with TikTok this is to help as many people as possible. Pay attention to this TikTok because it will definitely surprise you ”explains.

After you close your eyes, focus and wait a few seconds, the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives: 20182. This is the number Lewis “El oracle” sees as the jackpot.

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In addition, it ensures that there will be many prizes that expire On 7, 8 and 9. Ironically, “Gordo,” he said, would end in 2, which is a different number.

How do you find this number?

Like we’ve already told you, you can buy any number of Christmas lotteries through the official State Lotteries and Bets website, as long as there are numbers available.

This year, in fact, there are more chains for each number and more prizes, which is one of the three novelties that we explain to you for this extraordinary draw.

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