This is the city that Brits recommend spending their summer in Spain for its gastronomy and tranquillity

the sun It is one of the most read newspapers in the UK, and why Why is it so important that highlighted this city in Spain as a destination summer tourist. Be sure to The British will look This advice when choosing a place Go on your next vacation. What city is this? Why single it out? On top of other equally touristy beach towns?

Cadiz, the city that “The Sun” recommends to its readers

CadizIt is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain (and Andalusia in general). something unique. According to The Sun, on the one hand, it shines because it has no “crowds,” so it’s a very quiet tourist destination. On the other side, “Incredible” gastronomy, with fried fish as a great fort. Finally, Although it does not seem, Cadiz is a city with a great nightlife: evidence of this is its carnivals.

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Hope Brothern, the journalist in charge of This articleconfirms that Cadiz is an ideal city “to absorb the atmosphere of a special vision and a completely different side of the most famous Spanish coast”, with streets such as Callejon del Duende and buildings such as the Roman theater and its cathedral, which differ from others thanks to “his Shiny golden domeIt used to be a beacon for ships.

And you, Aren’t you going to Cadiz this summer? Take advantage of its beaches and Walking streets Quiet, without crowds and with one of the best cuisines in Spain.

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