This is the book “Cleanliness, Order and Happiness”, a book for lovers of successful order

Marie Kondo threw in the towel, but her spirit remains. he Pay attention to hygiene Above all, the system was passed on at home to hundreds of apprentices who applied the postulates of the Japanese teacher, Aurora de Grandes. best seller how System magic also Happiness after ordering.

One such follower is Begoña Pérez Díez de los Ríos, better known as Bego “la Ordenatriz” (la_ordenatriz). his last book, Cleanliness, order and happiness (Planet), an Amazon bestseller in the subject.

“I did not expect it at all. But above all because of love for people and gratitude. This is very important, because when one is grateful, one does not take anything for granted and lives more in the present,” he affirms. “order” In an interview with EL PERIDICO DE ESPAÑA, in addition to being “hallucinogenic” after knowing the good sales figures.

Order and cleanliness

But what made him so popular in this book? From a psychological point of view, the author analyzes The importance of organizing and cleaning the house To bring more peace and happiness. He talks about the importance of cleaning being continuous and regular to avoid creating a mountain of mess; devotes a lot of patience to the things of the house; Or think about the economic costs of the actions we take.

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Thus, the text includes a descriptive list of cleaning products —of a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of varnish, which acts as a descaling agent—, a dictionary of stains (mud, blood, wax, traces of perspiration, grease, etc.) or a section on How to clean every room in the houseamong other things.

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To these ideas we must add that order and cleanliness in the house should not be the task of only one person, but that the whole family should contribute to it. With young children, you must start educating them in these matters, so that they learn this from an early age Clean and tidy by example. Together we must contribute to making our home more welcoming, because it will be the whole family who will enjoy this system.

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