This is the animal health article that triumphs in mercadona

MercadonaAnd the The Spanish supermarket company par excellence, wanted to go a step further and announced a surprise sale Animal care product. To date, the series has been raised by Juan Roighas the staple products in regards to pet care, but now they’ve added to the october news catalog Marketing of wet wipes for dogs and cats.

During the month of October, the Spanish company has already achieved new successes and, in fact, there are three products that are already ranked as the most sought after this month. But one of the items that surprised their customers the most is Pet wipesa product that was highly demanded by its customers, and now their wish has been fulfilled.

Special care

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Although it is true that it has not yet reached all parts of the country, In the Canary Islands they are available These wipes are priced 3.50 euros, The package contains 40 cleaning wipes.

Despite the fact that it was one of the great demands of the customers of the chain, it seems so They didn’t like the price of the napkins very much. which they consider highly relative to the job they have.

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