This is Robin Sales, one of the six Spanish coaches of the Prime Minister

hOi made some time to Quintana List trainer Premier League So young and with so much to say, it is Robin Sales, Southampton manager Makes up the list of six Spanish coaches who lead teams in the first English league.

On his personal circle: “My family has always supported me in my career. You can’t always win, but what I’m most proud of are the experiences I’ve had”

Tactically and psychologically: “When one acknowledges a goal, there is a separation and the point of view is individual, not collective. We are working on it.”

On how to face the big teams: “We have a fairly tight-knit coaching staff and when we play against United or Chelsea we study our opponents together, at the pub, we have a drink.”

About the Spanish coach in the premiership: “My profile is a bit caught out. It’s not just tiki-taka, at a game level it’s not like that, there are other variables. The quality we’re bringing to Premier is high.”

In the case of additional sports: “I like to change the environment, so that you can have a beer with someone and see them dressed differently from playing or competing”

About other Spanish coaches: “Other Premier Coaches are profiled by their previous careers, and mine is being discovered bit by bit”

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