This is Mercadona’s roscón de reyes: what it has, how much it costs and what options are there

After the birthdays, the final point arrives: Wise men. The magical night when children (and not-so-children) go to bed early and without a word waiting for the Three Wise Men of the East to bring them all their requests.

That morning, the sixth feast is celebrated, the final feast that brings an end to the last (and first) parties of the year. And breakfast and lunch (the so-called lunch By the contraction of the English words “breakfast” – breakfast – and “lunch” – lunch or food -) is sparkled by the traditional roscón de reyes, a typical sweet that was originally – the pagan celebration of the Roman Saturnalia, celebrated by The end of the winter solsticeThey were round cakes stuffed with dates and figs.

Current sweets

For the time being, they are Puff pastry or briochein general, which are usually decorated with Candied fruits and almond slicesAnd it can be (or not) filled with cream, cream, chocolate …

The only common point is that it must contain an extension Statue of the king and a dry bean. Tradition says that whoever finds the statue will become king and whoever finds the bean must pay for the candy.

This is what Mercadona’s roscones de reyes stand for. The Valencia supermarket sells five varieties of this traditional dessert, made with brioche with butter, sugar and eggs: without filling (400 grams), with cream, cream or cream and chocolate filling (each 800 grams) and without filling, gluten-free and lactose-free (suitable for diabetics). digestive system and those with lactose intolerance or allergy, 370 grams). And all of them are decorated with candied fruits and almond slices.

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And despite the fact that this year the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) did not give it one of the first places, this year it will be a new success precisely for this reason, because it has something for all tastes, even for celiacs. And those who are gluten intolerant.

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Valencia Supermarket recommends thawing it inside the container in the refrigerator for the time indicated on the package, keeping the product at room temperature for an hour before consumption and keeping it inside the container in the refrigerator. Additionally, she recommends consuming it within 2 or 3 days of purchasing it or freezing it.

The price ranges from €5.50 for a 400g roscon without filling to €8.50 for any of the 800g filled varieties, to €8 for a 370g lactose and gluten-free roscon.

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