This is Megan, Annabelle (or Chucky) from New Generations

New generations already have their own Chucky, or their own Annabelle, so they don’t look far back in the long tradition of bad dummies in horror movies. Fashion game called Meganis an advanced doll with artificial intelligence, who seems designed to beat the billboard.

Many things play into the success of this creature created by a toy company engineer (Allison Williams) and given to her niece (Violet McGraw), a girl who has just lost her parents. One Horror in fashion: it’s the genre that’s saved ticket office last year.

And though the movie she stars in also delves into science fiction, Megan takes it cool and determinedly toward horror: It’s not exactly a “spoiler” to explain that this doll won’t be a being of light throughout the movie.

post, that Megan is pure charisma and pure 2023. Here is one of the great successes of the film, which logically bears the same name. Although the movie’s concept has something of the ’90s, those responsible envisioned a technological doll actually connected to the present.

The perfect friend

Far from the solidity, at least at first, of other popular horror movie puppets, light years away from, say, the ventriloquist game, MEGAN is a simulation of an ideal, modern human being. Once turned on and connected to his owner, he is the perfect friend or rather the perfect best friend.

She is a vigilant, affectionate, understanding, and sympathetic girl An ordinary girl’s face embellished with snapchat filters. He is able to tell stories, draw, play songs like “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia on the piano, and learn to choreograph and execute to perfection when it’s least expected.

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This is the third item in favor of MEGAN, the doll and the movie. As happened with Smile (2022), one of the horror films that swept the box office at the end of last year, those responsible for communicating with MEGAN designed Unusual marketing campaign.

For starters, they had the great idea of ​​releasing a trailer that included part of a scene where the doll performs a dance. outcome: Torrent of TikTok videos With kids Mimics Megan’s choreography before watching the movie. And close to its premiere, it also followed the “smile” model by organically invading sporting events.

If part of the promotion for this movie consisted of strategically placing static people with horrible smiles on their faces in the audience of a baseball game, then a group of The girls dress up as Megan A few days ago the choreography was marked in the middle part of a Los Angeles Chargers American football team game.

bloom one

Jason Blum himself, the film’s producer and founder of Blumhouse, one of the companies behind “MEGAN”, appeared disguised as a doll, with long blonde hair and a “baby doll” dress, at the company’s Halloween party. This amusing tale demonstrates that, just like other recent horror film successes that were somewhat unexpected (“Barbarian”, “Terrifier 2”, or “Smile”), “MEGAN” is indeed part of the sum of efforts with infinite potential.

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The movie is Go out with skill and elegance For the unknown Gerard Johnston, responsible for “Housebound” (2014), a cult film that follows the horror circuit. But It originates from the collaboration between Blumhouse and Atomic Monsterled successively by two main characters of the contemporary genre, Jason Blum and James Wanwhich The New York Times noted in November indicated a potential merger (still in the works) to create a “horror movie megafactory.”

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With a commercial mindset, the former has produced hits like Let me out (2017), The invisible man (2020) or Black phone (2022) the latter with Blumhouse. The second film, which has a more creative look, is the director of, among others, “Saw” (2003), “Insidious” (2010) and “Warren File: The Conjuring” (2013), and the producer of “Annabelle”. (2014).

“MEGAN” arises from a perfect combination: Business nose From the first (which did not excuse him from some failures) and An absolute mastery of the cinema genre from the second. That’s why there’s a good dose of strategy as well as a knowledge of the context (Megan is very retro and modern at the same time), the mechanics and dynamics of horror, fantasy and sci-fi cinema. Megane is sophisticated, efficient and attractive. For this reason, the fashion doll must be given very badly so as not to seduce the onlookers with her fiendish dance.

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