This is Liz Truss, the woman who wanted to emulate Margaret Thatcher

Her choice of clothing in various public appearances, her gestures and even some photos – such as the one she took in a tank while visiting British forces in Estonia – are some signs that prove the charm of Mary Elizabeth Truss, her full name with Margaret Thatcher and her desire to emulate her. They say that when she was seven, she had to play the Iron Lady in a sham election at the school in which no one voted. Forty years later, that childish insult was claimed when she became Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, positions she was only 45 days in. She will go down in history as the ‘first’ with the shortest period in UK history, but also as the person who buried Queen Elizabeth II, who died just two days after being named ‘Prime Minister’ and invited to form a government. Related news La Lise Truss sticks to office despite calls to resign: ‘I’m a fighter, not a dissident’ More and more votes are calling for the British prime minister to go, while her popularity continues to slump in opinion polls. Regarding the Cabinet under Boris Johnson, he surrounds himself with his trusted people rather than listening to the voices asking him to build an executive for the unit. He removed allies of Rishi Sunak, his party election rival, from senior positions, thus protecting himself under the protection of his closest constituency rather than opting for consensus and bragging about a multicultural team with many women who broke with the tradition of placing white men in the most relevant ministries. Her passing is a severe setback for this ambitious 47-year-old woman with a long political career behind her, who is, however, uncharismatic, not allowing her to flaunt the wit her followers refer to as one. One of its most important characteristics. She went to ministries such as Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Equality, Justice and Education in the governments of David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson, having studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford, where she was the head of the Liberal Democrats long before they were seduced by conservative ideas that she ended up winning despite She was born into a left-wing family. His mother, a nurse, and father, an academic in mathematics, never supported his political choice. Infidelity is her husband, accountant Hugh O’Leary, whom she married in 2000 and has two teenage daughters, despite the scandal in which they have been champions since T. Ross was unfaithful to him for nearly two years with fellow valued and mentor, Mark Field, whose marriage ended in divorce. after the dispute. On the other hand, O’Leary forgave the slip and his family life and political career took off without being tainted by this incident. Truss ran as a Conservative candidate for Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, in the 2001 general election, in which she was defeated. History repeated itself in Calder Valley, also in West Yorkshire, in 2005, and she was finally elected as a councilor in Greenwich, southeast London, a year later. In 2010, she finally took her seat in the House of Commons, despite the fact that there were attempts to oust her when infidelity became known. In addition to politics, his life is also characterized by his work in private companies, specifically in the energy and telecom industries, where he worked for ten years as a commercial and economic manager at companies such as the oil company Shell and Cable and Wireless. . She’s cool, dry and expressionless in public, is secretly funny and enjoys having karaoke parties at her house with her friends. He is a hard-line ‘Brexiter’, part of the far-right wing of formation, but he advocated during the 2016 referendum to remain in the European Union before changing his position. He embraced traditional conservative values, such as reducing the size of the state and lowering taxes, because, as he has stated in the past, he believed in personal liberty above all else. A champion of the free market, she won the battle of conservative leadership on the promises that led her to defeat.

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