This is how you should cook the rice so that it has half the calories

When cooking food, it is necessary to consider the method used. This point will make you eat more or less healthy. For example, in the case of a file rice There is a way to cook it that cuts the calories in the dish in half.

One of the most consumed ingredients in the world, rice is a staple in Asia and much of Latin America. It is a staple food that offers many advantages: it is cheap, easy to prepare, and a wide variety of dishes can be made with it.

Although it actively contributes to Calorie intake in the dietHigh consumption of rice can cause problems for people who do not exercise, especially increasing the risk of developing diabetes. A cup of cooked rice provides 200 calories, most of which come from starch, which is converted into sugar and stored in the body as fat.

As with all foods, the way a food is cooked can change its nutritional properties. Steamed rice is not the same as fried rice. Sri Lankan scientists have discovered a new and simple way to cook rice that cuts the number of calories your body absorbs in half.

The trick is in the starch

The key lies in the type of starch consumed. There are two main categories of starches: the digestive system, which is processed in the stomach and immediately turns into glucose, and is not digestible, and does not disintegrate in the small intestine, so it does not turn into glucose and provides fewer calories. With this in mind, the researchers considered converting digestible starch into indigestible in order to reduce the number of usable calories.

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The method consists of adding Fats Boil the water before adding the rice. The fat could be coconut oil, though any other kind should work. The rice is cooked for 40 minutes and then left to cool in the refrigerator for 12 hours before being reheated for eating.

Apparently, according to these experts, the oil reacts with the starch to change its structure, while the cooling process helps keep the starch from being converted into a less calorie-laden starch.

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Scientists have found that this calorie reduction varies by diet rice typefrom the 10% that is achieved with the usual type of rice, to 50-60% of rice with indigestible starch.

Now you know, if you want to eat less fattening rice, all you have to do is cook it in oil and then refrigerate it so that the starch structure changes.

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