This is how the nine clubs that distanced themselves from the Premier League will avoid the million-dollar penalty

theThe Nine Clubs of the Twelve Founders Premier League which has distanced itself from the project has already sent a termination letter to the company, according to a report COPE match This Monday.

According to this information, the nine clubs (AthleteAnd MilanAnd InterAnd ArsenalAnd ChelseaAnd LiverpoolAnd Manchester cityAnd Liverpool And spurs) would stick to a clause to avoid paying the million dollar compensation said at the time it was said they would have to pay if they abandoned the project. There was talk of a 300 million penalty, though The Premier League denied this figure.

The relevant paragraph states that if Premier League clubs and 70% decide to exempt the founding club from paying, then they will not have to pay this penalty. The nine clubs that left the project represent 75% of the twelve founders, so they will be freed from paying with this support.

Florentino hasn’t called any official meeting yet, so they haven’t officially left. But both Real Madrid’s president and Laporta And Anielli You already know that as soon as this meeting takes place, the nine clubs will activate this clause that exempts them from paying. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are certainly left alone In defense of your project.

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