This is how the new changes in Google Chrome will affect you

Google decided to start the year investment time in developing New feature Which allows to get bigger safety from him web browser. The company has spent some time prioritizing Secure connections in navigating through HTTPS protocol First obtained in version 90. The browser changes to http When website The query does not support the secure protocol.

in ver “Chrome 94” The system has been improved by adding the option “HTTPS only” for which it was intended He increases Safety when visiting Internet By restricting the web pages viewed on browser And show those who adhere to the HTTPS protocol.

Therefore, in cases where the website does not support the Browse safe, the browser no longer automatically switches to HTTP. Rather, for Warning For a user browsing an unsecured site, a page appears notify From Danger.

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The tech giant too will expand Its unique HTTPS module includes all file downloads, according to code discovered by “9to5Google” in the repository. chrome Gerrit. that it Collaborative platform that allow developers Check browser icon. Chrome will prevent Immediately Loading From a file that uses the extension Insecure HTTP protocol.

Thus, this new option will offer more safety From what you’ve given so far you’ll only be at the beginning Available in Chrome. To be able to enjoy this newness, you have to activation The “Block insecure downloads” flag from the Chrome page should not be can access before issuing March 2023 From “Chrome 111”.

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