This is how the ESLAND Awards 2023 will be: history, nominees and categories for the largest streaming award in Spanish

After the resounding success of its first edition, creator TheGrefg has already announced where the next editions will be and how the candidate selection system will work.

Last year, for the first time, ESLAND AwardsFrom the hand of acquaintance streamer TheGrefg, Awards that sought to recognize the work of the Spanish-speaking community in flow. This new way of creating multimedia content has been increasing in viewers since 2020 and today, it is already positioned as one of the favorite ways of young people. The previous edition was a success It gathered a million spectators simultaneously at an event at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, ​​where TheGrefg announced before the end that the next awards would take place in Latin America, and he kept his promise.

The second edition of the ESLAND Awards will take place in Mexico City in January 2023. This news has been well received among fans and the Latin American community, who are a huge weight among consumers of the Twitch platform. However, also stirred up some controversy Because many Spanish content creators, such as rooibos s auronplayThey stated that they would not attend the awards upon learning of the site. AuronPlay commented, “In Mexico? It’s far away, isn’t it? Pff…”. Rubeus replied: “For me, Barcelona already seemed far away…”. This answer didn’t like anything for Latin American fanswho are ranked as the main group consuming their content and one of the most vocal social networks.

A new way to select candidates

Moreover, regarding Candidates to win each of the categories A wonderful novelty is incorporated: It will be suggested by viewers. Reddit channel launched to suggest a file Banners And the content that fans consider should be all in one. The ten most mentioned will go to the voting stage.

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In the next stage, Communities will be able to vote on the official awards website To be among the first four candidates to move on to the final stage. Finally, a jury made up of BannersProfessionals of communication and digital platforms will determine in a 50/50 election along with the votes of viewers who will be the winners of each award.


Regarding the various prizes that will be awarded in the future evening of ESLAND 2023, they have already been made official and are quite similar to the previous ones:

  • dance of the year

  • song of the year

  • pins of the year

  • Failed of the year

  • The best esports player

  • Best Content Series

  • New Categories

  • Talk show of the year

  • Banners Revolution

  • Banners of the year

The latest novelty incorporated into these awards is that The party can be attended by the audienceNext to Banners And the characters who attend the guests.

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