This is how Merkel flew to Fuerteventura for a few days off

Surely you will be upset that we are publishing this information, because if Angela Merkel wanted something for her retirement, it was privacy, a private life and anonymity that she lacked during the sixteen years that she was head of the German government. But these four legislatures determined the lives and destinies of all Europeans so much that the former German chancellor must understand and assume that whatever she continues to do is in the public interest. And what he has now done is spend a few days in Fuerteventura, in the four-star Hotel Inside by Melia, near the Costa Calma.

She was seen sitting next to her husband, Joachim Sauer, in second class on low-cost airline Eurowings, the cheap daughter of Lufthansa, as she headed home from vacation. They both visited the same destination together while she was working as a consultant and she enjoyed the hiking trails and swimming at the beach there. Only South Tyrol and its mountain roads compete in the list of winners for the couple with the Spanish islands. After Merkel retired, the two fulfilled a long-cherished wish: a trip to Italy. But in the still-long winter months, during which the sun in Berlin has practically not been seen since August, the necessary getaway to Fuerteventura prevailed.

political intent

It must be said that these strict trips by Merkel are not exempt from a certain political intention, as they contrast sharply with those of the current leader of the Christian Democratic Union (the Conservatives). Friedrich Merz, with whom he never got along, recently flew to Sylt on his private plane to attend the wedding of current Finance Minister Christian Lindner, while Merkel remains a symbol of austerity and proves the strength of facts. You can fly with your feet a little more on the ground. In addition, it has chosen not to do without the FFP2 mask, despite the fact that it is no longer mandatory on the Airbus A320-200.

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For the rest, thanks to photos taken by other passengers and featured on social media, we know that Merkel would prefer the window and leave her husband an aisle seat. During the trip, they ate a few sandwiches that they had prepared in advance, accompanied by raw peppers for a snack, a very popular “snack” in Germany. Sauer took the opportunity to browse through a file folder and Merkel spent the time with a crossword puzzle. Of course, they were accompanied by a number of bodyguards in plain clothes, and a last-ditch tie they weren’t without.

The only privilege that Merkel accepts at airports is to board the plane before the rest of the passengers, due to the imposition of her security team on her, but as soon as she arrived in Berlin, she got off with the other passengers as usual.

His way of traveling contrasts with that of Friedrich Merz, the current leader of the CDU, with whom he does not have a good relationship

After leaving the government, Merkel retains ultimate discretion and has kept her public appearances to a minimum. It’s hard to see her when she gets one of the many awards that are still bestowed on her around the world. But her neighbors see her often. The couple still live in the same flat they were actually installed in before Chancellor’s life and in which they stayed during the four legislatures. Merkel buys her bread almost every day from Vienna’s Holzofenbäckerei bakery on Tucholsky Street. He still wears his colorful jackets, but he doesn’t visit the hairdressers often. He spends a lot of time reading and preparing his memoirs, which will be published in 2024 and will surely be a political event.

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